Hope is on the Rise
16 x 20″

Karen Neu Wideman – Acrylic

Artist Statement

My work is the expression of how my heart views God’s unlimited beauty in His creation.

About the Artist

Raised in Unionville, Ontario, Karen’s passion for art began at a young age, with her artistic talents coming naturally from her mother and her grandfather who painted scenes in oils or watercolour. Karen studied art in high school but did not follow it after. Her love of art was rekindled by the influence of her mother who started to work on some decorative painting projects. Karen started back on similar projects. After her daughter was born, she decided to get back into painting on canvas with acrylics and began doing some courses and workshops to enhance her skills. One of the courses was art history, which ignited a love for the art of years gone by. Karen sold her first painting, titled ‘Shadowlands’, at a group exhibit

Georgian’s Rocky Shores
4 X 6″

in Unionville. Painting in acrylics became Karen’s first preference, with landscapes and florals being her common focus due to a love for the natural settings of God’s design. She loves to use a vibrant palette and doesn’t limit herself to one style or concept but loves to continue her learning through other artists and believes you can never stop learning and growing.

Karen says “My inspiration comes in many forms from the landscapes I capture in my journeys to the talents of master artists of the past, such as Van Gogh, Monet, The Group of Seven, just to name a few. I like to paint what the picture says to me with a spiritual element from my creator.” Her work is in private collections in various locations of southern Ontario as well as local businesses for show and sale.
Karen has taught a variety of art programs for kids in her home studio, schools and at local studios. Her passion for art extends beyond herself and into inspiring the creativity in children, as she loves to teach as well as learn from them! She currently paints in her home studio in of Port Perry, Ontario, while homeschooling her son.


Hope in the Shadows
12 X 12″

Hope Rising
6 X 6″

email: karenneuwideman@gmail.com

website: www.neuwidemanart.ca

facebook: karenneuwidemanartist

instagram: www.instagram.com/neuwidemanart