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Monique van Wel

Monique van Wel – Jeweller

Artist Statement

I create Unique designs in gold & silver with diamonds gems and pearls & re-design old jewelry into storytelling pieces; such as my Family Tree series

About the Artist

Monique Van Wel lives and works in Rural Sunderland, Ontario Canada with her husband and 2 girls, dog and cats.

She moved from her first home in Uxbridge after 14.5 years, to this beautiful farm property just 10 minutes north of town.

Monique is an award-winning gold-silversmith and custom jewelry designer, specializing in one-of-a-kind design.

Her passion truly comes alive when she creates something that has deep personal meaning for an individual, each with its own story. The re-Designing is Monique’s most favorite part, combining new memories with older heirlooms for generations to come.

Originally from the Netherlands, Monique began her Jewelry gold-silversmithing studies in 1994 in Schoonhoven. (The Silvercity of the Netherlands). A full scholarship from the Metal Guild in Utrecht allowed her to serve her apprenticeship year as part of the well-recognized P.R. Haig Jewelers, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA.


Custom Family Tree Pendants
Monique van Wel



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10755 Side road 17, Sunderland, Ontario

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Monique van Wel
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