Knife Block & Stand
10 X 6 X 6″
Mike Townsend
$90 + $25

Mike Townsend – Woodworker


Artist Statement

Through wood, I am able to express my passion for design. Wood allows me to create a variety of unique handcrafted wooden items for everyday usage.


About the Artist

With a background in design and having spent many years as a website developer, Mike wanted a more hands on approach to his work. With a shop full of tools and an interest in wood, Twisted Twig Designs was formed. Today, using local and native species, Mike designs and creates unique handcrafted woodenware to showcase the beauty of the woods of Haliburton and Ontario. For a touch of natural colour or to achieve a unique grain pattern a number of exotic woods are incorporated into many of the designs. If you are looking for a unique and functional item for your kitchen, then come and visited Twisted Twig Designs.


Chopping Block
6.5 X 6.5″
Mike Townsend








Site #5 with Paul & Beverly Williams, Laurene Green and Heather Laws


BBQ Scrapers
4 X 12″
Mike Townsend

Bottle Openers
5.5 X 1″
Mike Townsend