Circle of Truth
Watercolour/Linocut & Composition Gold Leaf
15 X 28″
Shelby Strong

Shelby Strong – Illustrator, Painter & Printer

Artist Statement

My goal is to create bold and quirky interpretations inspired by nature and storytelling. I loves working with watercolour, gouache, lino, ink and pencil.

About the Artist

Two of a Kind Entwined
18 X 18″
Shelby Strong

As an artist I like to share my view of the world through my artwork. When I see something that strikes me as beautiful I have a compelling urge to convey that beauty in a way that further validates its significance. I only create when it feels right because my emotions are truest when I’m expressing them through media. Adding colour to my linocuts makes me think of stained glass and the ethereal beauty and warmth you experience looking at it.

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#linocut #printmaking #mixedmedia #linoart #carving #printmakersofinstagram


Golden Treasures
Watercolour/Linocut & Composition Gold Leaf
18 X 22″
Shelby Strong

Gnome Angel
16 X 16″
Shelby Strong