Rocky Mountain
Saw Blade
36″ Dia
Jasmine Rutschmann

Jasmine Rutschmann – Metal 


Artist Statement

I am completely inspired by found objects and the transformation that I am able to give them using fire and parts of my soul.


About the Artist

Growing up in Port Perry Ontario Jasmine Rutschman learned how to use various tools in her Dad’s welding shop. This is how she was able to go out to her Dad’s shop and pick up a plasma cutter and find her new passion.

Jasmine’s artwork has been displayed at various craft and art shows and is continuing to gain recognition within the community. Jasmine recently won the Uxbridge Juried Art show and felt honored to be recognized for her work.

“My artwork is something that I love to create. I love the simplicity and peace that plasma cutting brings into my life”. Finding inspiration from nature and patterns she has managed to create a variety of landscape scenes featuring trees, mountains, and wildlife integrated into a picture representative of Canada’s natural beauty.

“I am happier than I ever have been to be working and creating sculptures”. Starting with 100% recycled materials Jasmine experimented and developed her artistic abilities.

Carving out nature scenes and floral designs on found objects such as old shovel heads, wheelbarrows, metal umbrella tables, and saws. As an emerging artist, Jasmine plans to keep pursuing art in her life and sharing it with others.

White Pine Saws
12 X 6″
$140 each



Site #16

10 Oyler Drive, Port Perry, Ontario, L9L 1B3


Exhibition List 

Burning Ships
Oil Tank
5 X 5 X 2′
Jasmine Rutschmann

Uxbridge Juried Art show, 2015
Port Perry Craft Show
Brocks Nite Bites
Brock’s Big Bite
The Golden Gallery
Cannington Craft Sale
Beaverton Women’s Wellness Show
Uxbridge Women’s Wellness Show
Blackstock Craft Show
Oshawa Summer Company Kick Off at the Oshawa Center

Oil Tank
5 X 3 X 2′
Jasmine Rutschmann