Painting a Picture… in more ways than one!

“I think each of us, sometime in our life, has wanted to paint a picture.” – Bob Ross.

On Lake Scugog Studio Tour we showcase various painters whose subject matter varies from landscapes of rolling hills, elephants, and seascapes to abstract floral designs, and much more. Lake Scugog Studio Tour artists have painted pictures for you to enjoy. 

Jennifer Ross- Pastel Painting “Old Stone Birdge”

Karen Neu Wideman – Acrylic

Acrylic painter Karen Neu Wideman’s inspiration comes in many forms from landscapes she captures in her journeys to the talents of master artists of the past, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Tom Thompson, and many other artists from The Group of Seven. Karen’s artistic talents come naturally as her grandfather painted scenes in oils and watercolours of his homeland Hungary. 

David Clubine- Acrylic Painting “Stouffville Memorial”

Marion Meyers – Encaustic 

Marion Meyers creates representational and abstract work with an encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) and encaustic pigment on birch panels. Inspired by the whimsical colour combinations and strong lines in both urban and rural landscapes, in the work the viewer gets drawn into layers of luminous colours and rich textures, driven by the qualities of encaustic. Marion’s work creates a beautiful balance between abstract and observational work. 

Sandra MacPherson- Watercolour Painting “Sprucegrove 1950

Katherine Polack – Acrylic 

Katherine Polack is a mixed media seascape artist. She is surrounded by nature and infinite inspiration. The colour palette she uses varies between hues of deep blue and teal while always aiming to evoke a sense of calm and happiness through her art. Her inspiration comes from her upbringing along the Pacific Coast in Peru where she and her family would spend endless summers at the beach.

Ruth Greenlaw- Watercolour Painting “Majestic Tree”

Hanna Mark – Watercolour & Mixed Media

Hanna Mark is a watercolour and mixed media painter. She has completed the Graphic Design Degree Program at York University and Sheridan College. The skills acquired in this program have helped her to improve her artistic and creative abilities in the visual arts field.

Joanna Malcolm- Acrylic Painting “My Beautiful Planet”

Leslie Beachamp – Acrylic

Leslie Beauchamp’s work focuses on rocks, trees, water and nature in all its forms, and seasons. This is what makes Leslie’s passion and life. Blessed to be surrounded by these very things. Leslie endeavors to identify the essence of that which surrounds her, and through hard-edged quasi geometric shapes and quirky colour systems recreate these images. The majority of her work focuses on a quirky colour system to bring out the depths of strong lines. 

Jennifer Ross – Pastel

Jennifer Ross works in pastel and paints pictures full of colour. Her vibrant paintings often depict animals, gardens, and landscapes. The mood created by ever-changing light is a challenge for her to capture. She enjoys the discipline that comes with interpreting the detail and perspective of buildings. The talent and observation technique needed to create these paintings has won Jennifer numerous awards in several juried art exhibitions.

Karen Neu Wideman – Acrylic Painting “Hope in the Shadows”

David Clubine – Watercolour 

David Clubine is a watercolour painter inspired by architecture in Ontario and beyond. The architecture provides a variety of century homes, farm buildings, railway stations and churches to paint in watercolour, reflecting our past heritage life. David’s approach to watercolour paintings is to use a photo reference beginning with a light pencil sketch for accuracy followed by base washes. To finish the painting David creates detail using smaller brushes.

Marion Meyers – Encaustic Painting “Stone Wall”

Sandra MacPherson -Watercolour & Acrylic

Sandra Macpherson works in watercolour and acrylic. Her inspiration comes from landscapes, architecture, floral, still life, figurative and abstract works. The theme of her work is to invoke feelings of peace and preservation in the environment, community, and history. Through her work, she expresses her great love of historic homes, family, and community. Sandra loves the tangible, lasting result of a finished painting.

Katherine Polack- Acrylic Painting “Out for a Swim

Ruth Greenlaw -Watercolour & Mixed Media

Ruth Greenlaw works in various art mediums. Her inspiration comes from some of her enduring interests including flowers and trees. She enjoys drawing the small details of a plant as well as depicting its life cycle. When Ruth looks at a plant, she asks herself how the leaf and flower join the stem. By looking and drawing, her eye finds the answers and her hand describes them visually. Ruth’s work has won her several awards and she is currently a resident artist at Scugog Arts in Port Perry.

Hanna Mark- Pen Ink & Watercolour “Miriam & Hank the Owls

Joanna Malcolm – Acrylic

Joanna Malcolm is an acrylic painter whose work has bursts of colour on any wall. It is a reflection of her love of nature including the forest surrounding her home. Joanna is an active environmentalist and voices her love of the planet in many of her paintings. An active gardener she creates forever flowers on canvas that reflect her nuturing soul.

Leslie Beachamp- Acrylic Painting “Heatwave

These artists know how to paint a picture that captures the moment. You can experience these works in person on the Lake Scugog Studio Tour. Be inspired, shop and view various paint mediums. Observe shapes, lines, colours, tones, and textures that are used to produce sensations of volume, space, movement, and light on a flat surface. If you love a piece and it speaks to you consider taking it home as the artwork will be available to purchase. View more of the artwork on our website here and see the art live in person on the studio tour on April 30 & May 1, 2022.

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