Suzanne Vaillancourt

Fibre Artist


Artist Statement

I am a clothing designer who believes in sustainability, natural fabrics and dyes, and beautiful, wearable apparel. All my pieces are one of a kind.

About the Artist 

    Suzanne Vaillancourt is a fashion designer, textile artist, and yoga instructor in Peterborough, Ontario. Her work has been shown at various craft shows including: The Peterborough Regional Farmers Market, Cabbage Town Arts and Craft Show, Stoney Lake Arts and Craft Show, Mariposa, and The Toronto Yoga Show.

  Suzanne’s clothing has been described as wearable art using classic and contemporary designs to compliment people of all shapes and sizes. Her products are fun, dynamic, colorful, unique, and affordable.

  Using plant dyes and local foliage, she creates one of a kind pieces that celebrate nature and sustainability. Organic, non-GMO fabrics such as hemp, cotton, modal, merino wool, and silk are used because natural dyes work best with natural fibers. Plant dyes (either collected or sourced) such as black walnut, marigold, and golden rod are boiled and used to dye the clothing.

  In order to prepare the garments to be dyed, a three-step process is utilized. Firstly, the fabric is scoured, then boiled in a tannin solution, then simmered in an acetate bath, and dried for 24 hours. Secondly, eco-printing (the process of steaming leaves directly onto the fabric to create impressions of leafs and flowers) can then be applied to the fabric. Through trial and error, Suzanne has developed her own dye solutions that are painted directly onto the leaves and flowers and then pressed and steamed directly onto the fabric. She also works with indigo dye and Shibori (an ancient Japanese technique involving stitching, tying, and knotting) to create distinct patterns on the fabric.

  The process of hand dyeing and eco-printing, though extremely laborious, are dynamic, and artistic skills that Suzanne has practiced over her career as a textile artist for the past 5 years.

   In order to share what she loves most, Suzanne offers workshops in Peterborough where she has a following of interested clients and enthusiasts. Her friendly, dynamic and outgoing personality draws in people from all walks of life.

To see (and really appreciate her work) Suzanne’s wears can be purchased both at her studio and through her on-line presence.


(705) 761-7803


To learn more, please visit:

To watch a short video describing her work, click: here


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