Sarah Porter

Glass Artist

Artist Statement

There is something so compelling in glass behaving as liquid & solid; how I love to “smash glass”, heat to 1500+ degrees, & create functional art!

About the Artist 

     Sarah started her artistic journey in jewellery, and this remains a vital part of her portfolio to this day.

Kiln-fused glass began as a means of adding a dramatic pop of colour to sterling silver designs.

    Sarah finds the scope of glass as a medium captivating. Glass has so many different personalities: matte or glossy, opaque or translucent, sparkling or dark. It can be hard, unyielding, or it can flow and be made to bubble and “boil”. It can be combed and compressed, shattered and made anew.

    Sarah’s artistic learning has been both formal and experiential. She has taken courses from glass Masters, as well as learned through much personal trial and error. She loves learning new techniques in glass manipulation. She continues to provide beautiful works that are functional, but has recently started to include the sculptural as an interesting addition to her portfolio.


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