Mila Haynos

Lavender Artisan, Watercolour Painter, Textile Artist

Artist Statement

Since 2007 I have been hand-crafting value added lavender products and teaching the public about the multifaceted beauty of lavender.

About the Artist 

  Mila Haynos is a local lavender artisan who established Lavender-Blu in 2007. Lavender-Blu is located in a small hamlet of Seagrave on the shores of Lake Scugog. It is comprised of a lavender eco garden, hobby farm and a lavender artisan studio with the motto to ‘Cultivate Calm’.

   The main focus of Lavender-Blu is to highlight the beauty and versatility of lavender and to make ‘lavender’ connections throughout the community with various artists. This unique business model is designed to blend the world of horticulture, sustainable farming practices, education and the arts.

   Lavender-Blu specializes in growing a number of lavender cultivars that are suited for the cooler climates while simultaneously nurturing a small acreage farm in an ecological manner. The cultivation thrives on symbiotic relationships and diversity of native species. Simultaneously, the versatility of lavender supports diverse artistic opportunities.

    Lavender is much more than an ingredient used in the cosmetic, perfume and wellness applications. It truly is a multifaceted medium used in a plethora of artistic applications such as: culinary delights, photography, yoga, painting en plein air, pottery, floral design, beekeeping, literature, the art of oil distillation, basket weaving and landscape design.

    Mila has applied the model of nurturing symbiotic relationships in the garden to a community outreach with ‘lavender’ connections. This has allowed Lavender-Blu to promote lavender in the community in many artistic avenues and with many local businesses such as restaurants, book stores, with local photographers, yoga instructors, beekeepers, florists, house décor shops, printing companies, art and culture hubs as well as local eco-tourism opportunities.

   There are currently over 100 lavender and lavender-inspired products features in the Lavender-Blu artisan studio. Great care and attention is focused on featuring lavender products of highest quality with a beautiful organic aesthetic – always maintaining the motto of the business: ‘Cultivating Calm’.


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