Leslie Beauchamp


Artist Statement

As an abstract landscape artist, I endeavour to take the essence of the scenes which surround me and recreate that image using hard edge, quasi geometric shapes and quirky colour systems. In this way, I hope to bring a new way of seeing and understanding that which surrounds us.

About the Artist 

    Rocks, trees, water.. Nature. In all its forms, and in all seasons. These are Leslie Beauchamp’s passion and life. Leslie considers herself blessed to be surrounded by these very things. She endeavors to identify the essence of that which surrounds her, and through hard-edged quasi geometric shapes and quirky colour systems recreate these images.

Leslie is honoured to have studied with John Leonard, Lila Lewis Irving, Steve Rose, and Andrew Hamilton. Her work has been shown at the McMichael Art Galllery, Whitby Station Gallery, Farndale Gallery, and Unionville Art Centre.


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