Jordan Clements

Stone Sculptor

Artist Statement

I approach the sculptor’s path with the spirit of exploration, prospecting my life for opportunities to take the materials of the earth and shape them into forms that celebrate and elevate the human soul. Through clay, wood, plaster, and stone, I build upon my foundation as a stone mason, and produce work that serves the realms of public art, fine art, architectural ornamentation, and space enriching installations. Valuing both traditional techniques and modern technologies, I have positioned myself to dwell in the quarries of the past, with the visions of the future.

Site 2

3-96 North Port Road

About the Artist 

Jordan Clements is a sculptor who was born and raised in Bowmanville, ON. He grew up walking the trails, hiking the woods, and cycling the roads of the Durham Region, fostering a connection to the environment that is evident in his work. Using stone, clay, wood, and plaster, he has made sculptures for public spaces, corporate installations, and private commissions. His background as a Red-seal certified stonemason gave him the solid foundation of practical skills required to work with stone and helped his seamless transition to the world of sculpture.

Jordan expresses sculpture in a fluid manner, unfettered by any particular stylistic orientation and with an eagerness to fuse traditional techniques with modern technology. Gripped with intrigue by the human figure, inspired by architecture, and drawing from the beauty of natural landscapes, Jordan makes contemporary works that will inspire the people of tomorrow. Jordan’s studio in Port Perry, ON.





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