Jeannine Rosenberg


Artist Statement

My jewelry pieces embrace asymmetry and surface texture. They reflect my upbringing in the Southwestern US and my travels in Mexico. My style is always evolving.

About the Artist 

   Jeannine recently moved back into the area and is looking forward to the restorative and social aspects of the Studio Tour experience. She loves nothing more than talking to people about the stones she uses and the dual process of designing and making jewelry. She likes to say, “ask me about a stone and you will get an impromptu Geology lecture!” 

    Lock-down has provided Jeannine with ample time to focus on her skills as both a jeweller and a marketer of the things she so loves to create. The quiet is deafening but when Jeannine comes out of this she will have a better understanding of how to accomplish both.

    Jeannine knows people are worried about paying their bills and is extremely grateful for the custom orders she received at Christmas time. Keep them coming!

    Working on jewelry is a luxury many people cannot pursue and she is deeply grateful for the opportunity. Jeannine expects, or perhaps fervently hopes, that when we have put the pandemic behind us, people will have a renewed need for beauty in their lives and they will see her jewelry as a humble provider of that.

   In the meantime, Jeannine peruses the internet looking for unusual stones. She cuts, saws, uses fire, melts and hammers things  (sometimes smashing her fingers!), sets stones and polishes finished pieces with the hope that she can make someone happy with one of her jewelry creations.


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