Gordon Ross

Digital Artist

Artist Statement

I am a photographer whose efforts have moved away from the process of recording images as usually observed.

About the Artist 

   Gordon is a photographer who has been using a camera since the age of twelve. In recent years his efforts have moved beyond the process of recording images as they are usually observed.

   He has developed a process which, he hopes, brings unexpected depth and beauty to the flatness of two-dimensional images. He was inspired to synthesize the effect of the varying tonal and dimensional gradations created by distance and apply them to tangible subjects.

  There is no single image file to create a piece. Rather, each “one-off ” picture is assembled from a series, or progression of separate files in a three-step process.

  Similar groups of images may be melded using different protocols to form diverse and varied artworks.

  His works are usually of the Still Life genre, being generally of inanimate objects. However, his portfolio also includes a number of animal studies.

  Gordon has been accepted for numerous juried art exhibitions and has won awards.



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