Erin Voisey

Painter & Illustrator

Artist Statement

I would describe my work as “whimsical chaos”. I aim to create contrast in my work by utilizing traditional painting techniques and combining that with bolder, illustrative qualities.

About the Artist 

    Erin Voisey is a multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on painting and illustration. Born in Scugog, Ontario, Erin grew up drawing, sketching, and journaling from a young age. Erin began to take a deeper interest in painting, illustration, animation, and digital art in high school and pursued a higher education in fine arts at OCAD University in Toronto, graduating in 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and moving back to Scugog temporarily.

Imagined creatures consistently show up in Erin’s work and they express a multitude of motifs and energies. Erin likes to use these creatures to express duality and liminality in whichever form it takes — the space between reality and dreams, melancholy and mania, the earthly plane and the astral, the masculine and feminine — in between and outside.


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