Anja Kooistra

Fabric Sculptor and Mixed Media Artist


Artist Statement

I create expressive sculptures using fabrics, clay and natural materials. My pieces are perfect for indoors or garden.

About the Artist 

   Anja Kooistra is the creative Artisan who founded Rolling Hills Creative Studio in 2011, tucked away in the rolling countryside of Sunderland, just outside of Uxbridge.

   Anja found an unusual way of working with recycling materials like natural fibers, vintage lace, and doilies, which she then used in her work to give lasting life for many years to come. She often focuses on the female form for its limitless variety, with each having a personality and ethereal life force of its own.

   Using a non-toxic, environmentally friendly fabric hardener to sculpt her large and small figurines, each with a unique personality and an ethereal life force – it has given Anja unusual freedom in creating sculpture and art.

   Her work reflects a deep connection with nature, and in particular with birds, which often show up in her pieces, some with comical appearances. From small to life-size, Anja’s garden spirits are exquisite works of art In Spring 2018, she expand her business and refurbished a rustic barn, located on her property, into a warm & welcoming new workshop space- that can accommodate larger groups, along with giving her more space to create custom pieces. 

   Anja is an energetic host who loves to entertain her students. She shares her passion for teaching fun workshops you can learn and experience in one of her many workshops she offers year-round.


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