11 dia X 4″
Neil Olorenshaw

Neil Olorenshaw – Wood

Artist Statement

I aim to showcase the intrinsic beauty of wood by creating useful pieces which highlight the natural form, colour, pattern and texture of the material.

About the Artist

Neil was born in South Africa and inherited a love of woodwork from his father (together with a number of tools and chisels). He has progressed over the years from making simple bookcases, then wooden toys, furniture and, with a birthday gift of a lathe, to wood turning. Neil has a workshop at home (‘Gramps’ Workshop”). All of Neil’s pieces are well tried and tested by the family, especially the toys! A recent move to Port Perry provided the incentive to explore local sawmills that ignited his present interest in live edged furniture.

Maple Side Table
25 X 22 X 18″
Neil Olorenshaw

Neil believes each piece of wood has a unique character and his challenge is to uncover and showcase that character, artistically. He uses only natural finishes with no colouring or stain, believing that the natural colours need no enhancement, and that oils such as tung,  and finishes such as beeswax and carnuba wax contribute to the inherent beauty of the wood.
Two of Neil’s pieces were selected for the recent 2019 Scugog Arts Council Juried Art Show. He participated as a woodturner in the now defunct Markham48 Studio tour in 2003 but this is his first Studio Tour showing the live edge furniture and more recent works.

Red Oak Table
42 X 18 X 16″
Neil Olorenshaw


email: neilolorenshaw63@gmail.com

Charcouterie Board
20 X 12 X 1″
Neil Olorenshaw

Impossible Triangle
6 X 8″
Neil Olorenshaw