10″ dia.
Walnut Wood
Neil Olorenshaw

Neil Olorenshaw – Woodworker/Woodturner

Artist Statement

I love wood! To me, every piece of wood has a unique character defined by colour, grain patterns, texture, shape, etc. As an artist, my aim is to “Showcase the inherent beauty of wood by creating useful works of art.”

About the Artist

Neil Olenrenshaw inherited his love of woodwork (along with many of his tools) from his father, and has been working with wood for many years. In primary school “shop” class, Neil built a small wooden stool that is still used today and it is as strong as ever – with no maintenance required. Moving on from there, Neil built the inevitable bookcases, shelves, etc.; and in later years expanded to children’s toys, tables, and chairs.
The gift of a wood-turning lathe started him into producing candlesticks, bowls, and anything else that is round. Participating in a small studio tour in Markham Neil was given a few commissions from both private individuals and public organizations. As the interest in “live edge” wood has grown recently, Neil has come to realize what he has always tried to achieve: To match the beauty of wood to an artistic and useful creation. He starts either with a concept for a piece of woodwork or simply with a piece of wood. The challenge is to match the wood to the concept in a pleasing, artistic way. Thus Neil spends time looking for interesting pieces of wood in local sawmills and elsewhere, but also looking around at his surroundings and talking with others with a view of creating a work that embodies the feelings of the moment. Much of Neil’s work is commissioned and he is always eager to translate someone’s idea into something beautiful and satisfying. Examples of such works are displayed on his website.




Nut Bowl
10″ dia.
Cheery Wood
Neil Olorenshaw

Impossible Triangles
Wood Marquetry
10 X 10″
Neil Olorenshaw

Italian Table
24 X 24 X 20″
Beech Wood
Neil Olorenshaw