Pottery & Baking: both rely on chemistry

Love the mocha filling.

Potter Bill Reddick spends time baking his famous flourless chocolate cake when he’s not in the studio. If you’ve been to 318 McDonald in Port Perry during studio tour you’ve probably had a taste of this awesome cake. Bill made this for us and shipped it! fabulous with a glass of red wine in our Bill Reddick pottery wine glasses! His contact info is here if you wish to buy one and have Bill ship it to you.

Serving Bill Reddick’s chocolate cake.


Our freshest face – a young Emerging Artist

You’ll be delighted to talk to young Emerging artist Nina Haynos-Owen at Site 10. Her hand-crafted Peg People are whimsical small dolls. And she’s created her own website called Lavender Chickadees. It’s a great name considering she lives on a lavender farm. We’ve been encouraging artists of all ages who have not shown their work on a tour or had a private show to step up and give it a try. Artists may work for years at their craft, perfecting technique and creating their own voice, before they feel they are ready to show their work and put it out there for feedback and criticism, and ultimately to sell. It’s an emotional step and the artists of the Lake Scugog Studio Tour encourage emerging artists, mentor them through their first tour and help them meet other artists in our community. We hope you get to see Nina’s work at Lavender-Blu Studio, 2975 Bank Street, Seagrave. And you’ll get to tour the farm, and purchase the lovely artisanal lavender products of Mila Haynos- Owen and Makwa flutes crafted by Stephen Rensink.

Art in a Greenhouse? Why Not?

So it happens that most of the artists on our tour are avid gardeners (not that the first weekend in May is a great time to see our gardens!) And we all love to buy locally grown food. Well what about locally grown garden plants? Otter Greenhouses at 315 Medd Rd, just west of the hamlet of Epsom, grow fabulous hanging baskets and a huge variety of annuals in flats and pots. Otter Greenhouses is a wholesaler and most of what they produce goes to retailers, but they are open to the public every spring. So you can buy direct. One day last spring Jennifer and Gordon Ross were up there buying plants and got talking with the owners and they cooked up a plan to have some of our artists at the greenhouses for May 4 and 5. It’s warm inside and full of plants at that time of year, waiting for the ground to warm up and the shipping out to start. So we’ve got four artists there this year. Paul Williams will be there with his wonderful metal sculptures, many of which are perfect for gardens. And then there are two painters, both new to our tour, Laurene Green and Heather Laws. rounding out the selection is woodworker, Mike Townsend, with many unique wooden items for everyday use. While you’re there tour the greenhouse to plan your garden colour scheme. Just two to three weeks later the chance of frost will pass so you can return to purchase and safely plant those tender annuals and put out your hanging baskets. When you return for plants, tell them you’d like to support the Scugog Council for the Arts, and they’ll give a percent of your purchase to this local arts organization. And it will help fund their free public activities on Canada Day in Palmer Park.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Over 20 years ago three women got talking. “There are so many fabulous artists in this community.”, “We need more opportunities to sell our art.”, “People ask me all kinds of questions about my inspirations and processes because they know I’m an artist. What about the people who have never met me?”, “At shows I get asked how I make my art, but I can’t show them in a small booth”, “The year 2,000 is coming up. What could we do to celebrate the millenium?” short pause . . . all together now . . . “Let’s plan a Studio Tour!” “What were they thinking?” you might ask. After all they are a lot of work to organize. And it’s not a tour if lots of visitors don’t come out and that means lots of advertising and promotion. Typically artists are reluctant to do shameless self-promotion and have no idea how to market themselves, let alone market a whole group of artists. Or do a website for that matter. But innovative and willing to learn, we get it done. And this year we bring you our 20th Lake Scugog Studio Tour. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Meet 4 Emerging Artists at the Scugog Council for the Arts – Nov. 4 – 25, 2017

The Lake Scugog Studio Tour is proud to present four emerging artists for our May 2018 Studio Tour. In advance of the tour we are presenting these fabulous up-and-comers in a group exhibition of their work at the Scugog Council for the Arts gallery at 181 Perry Street in Port Perry. You’ll discover the exquisite pencil work of Sarah Holtby, the colourful paintings of Karen Wideman, beautiful flutes carved by Stephen Rensink and the inspiring work of the fearless sight-impaired Nelly Schurman.  The exhibition runs Saturday November 4 through Saturday November 25, Tuesday to Saturdays, 11 am to 4 pm. Everyone is welcome to meet these four talented artists at the opening on Saturday November 4 from 1 – 3 pm.

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Stephen Rensink - flute maker

Stephen Rensink - flute maker

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Photography – Creating and Capturing Moments in Time

Our photographers would love to share their stunning images with you. They create and capture unique moments in time. Stay close to home or travel the world with images featuring objects, landscapes, streetscapes, people and wildlife. Come see the world through the lenses of seven different photographers.

Spring Reilly – Site 10

Paul Gray Diamond – Site 11

Donald Downer – Site 13

Gordon Ross – Site 14

Kelly Fraleigh – Site 16

Jon van Bilsen – Site 18

Tom Poupore – Site 18




















Fibre and Fabric – From Fibre, to Fabric, Form and Function

The Lake Scugog Studio Tour features artists working with the entire life cycle of fabric. Pat Neal weaves home decor items. Libby Burns wet-felts delicate wool fibres into wearable art pieces. Kirsty Naray does needle felting, nuno felting, wet felting, spinning and Saori weaving. Kirsty is exploring new ways of incorporating both glass and fibre. Kate MacPherson has a passion for crochet transforming fibre into modern pieces for home, body and play. Marion Myers and Carole Ditomaso use colourfully patterned fabrics in their quilting practices. Mila Owen also uses fabric sewn into items such as lavender sachets or cosmetic bags. Then there is Anja Kooistra and Nancy Newman who often upcycle, re-use and re-purpose vintage fabrics into new creations. Anja creates fabric sculptures for home and garden. Nancy fascinated in transforming tribal and indigenous textiles into an array of bags and purses.

Pat Neal – Site 1

Anja Kooistra – Site 5

Carole Ditomaso = Site 7

Mila Haynos – Site 9

Libbie Burns – Site 10

Kate MacPherson – Site 13

Kirsty Naray – Site 15

Nancy Newman – Site 23

Marion Meyers – Site 15





Glass, Metal and Stone Sculpture – Ancient Materials, Extraordinary Results

Using some of earth’s oldest materials, our artists are fashioning very contemporary and unique sculptures. Basic materials, extraordinary results! These artists are creating beautiful three dimensional pieces of art.

Sarah Porter – Site 2

Francis Muscat – Site 8

Cathy Mark – Site 11

Fran Usher – Site 19

Gordon Reidt – Site 20

Paul & Beverley Williams – Site 20





Wood! There is a Season – Turn, Turn, Turn

Using a variety of woods — from local to exotic — these  wood-turners create beautiful and functional pieces.

Peter Lauricella – Site 3

Frank Ditomaso – Site 7

Paul Gray Diamond – Site 11

Shraga Bellon – Site 16












What’s Your Pleasure? Is it Porcelain and Pottery?

If you love all things clay, then we have seven, count ’em SEVEN artists, who work with clay and porcelain, just for you. We have …..

Rosemary Jenkins –  Site 3

Ann Cummings – Site 4

Lela Filipovski – Site 9

Barbara Thompson Hoover – Site 10

Diane Sullivan – Site 11

Saundra Reiner – Site 12

Bill Reddick – Site 15