Purple Sari Shawl
22 X 72″
Pat Neal

Pat Neal – Weaver

Artist Statement

A weaver for many years, I am drawn to the slow, methodical process of creating cloth from spun fibre. I work on traditional wooden floor looms, adapting historic patterns to 21st century textile needs.

About the Artist

“The first time I sat down at a loom to weave I knew that I had found my passion.” Inspired by the colours and textures of the world around her, Pat Neal creates elegant, functional pieces to decorate body and home. “I am always on the lookout for fabulous yarns with interesting textures to incorporate into my weaving.”

Pat works on traditional, wooden floor looms enjoying the rhythmic, meditative process of winding, threading, and interlacing each thread to create her one-of-a-kind woven art. “Weaving is slow. It gives you space to think and create.”

Growing up Pat was fascinated by weavers demonstrating their skills at local museums. She went on to pursue a career in museum management while developing her weaving skills. She spent ten years working at the textile museum in Toronto, a unique opportunity to combine both her passions.

Pat lives in Myrtle, Ontario just outside the historic town of Port Perry. An old barn on the property was restored and is now home to Naked Lamb Weaving Studio. It houses an ever-changing collection of yarn, looms and other fibre equipment.


email: nakedlambweaving@gmail.com

website: nakedlambweaving.com

Tea Towels
20 X 30″
Pat Neal

Woven Blankets Duet
56 X 88″
Pat Neal

8 Myrtle Road West
NW Corner of Hwy 12 & Myrtle Road
Ashburn, Ontario