Copper & Fibre Weaving
10 X 10″

Kirsty Naray – Glass, Fibre & Weaver

Artist Statement

I am a Multiple Media artist working with Glass, Fibre, Metal, Alcohol Ink and Watercolours and loving every minute of it.

About the Artist

As I sit here writing this story about my artistic life, I am reminded about how far I’ve come on this magical, mysterious journey.

In 1993, all I wanted to do was to learn how to make Lampwork glass beads. At that time, I was building stained glass windows and teaching night school classes. Then one fateful day that same year, I watched someone melt glass in a flame and form it into a bead. I was completely mesmerized. At that time, very few people were creating with glass in this way but I was determined to learn. After weeks of frustration trying to find information and instruction, I gave up and decided to teach myself. My neighbour bought me a one pound canister of propane and I cut some stained glass scrap into strips and I was off. Or so I thought. I was able to deform the glass somewhat but certainly not what I wanted. Months of frustration followed before I finally found a company in Scarborough that not only made the proper torches but were also beginning to stock the glass that I needed. I took the plunge and bought the equipment including a kiln and I’ve never looked back. I’ve far exceeded my expectations, loving every single minute that I’ve spent learning this wonderful medium. Glass has been my first love ever since.

For the past eight years or so, I’ve developed an interest in fibre, Saori weaving, metal, watercolour and alcohol ink painting. I’ve been teaching myself various techniques using these mediums and am trying to find ways of incorporating one or more of them into my work.

Currently, silversmithing has taken over my lockdown days and YouTube videos have been a great resource for teaching me new skills. I’m having the time of my life.


Pansy Pendant
Glass & Sterling Silver

Alcohol Ink Painting
14″ X 18″