12″ X 18″
Francis Muscat

Francis Muscat – Glass & Mixed Media Artist, Sculptor

Artist Statement

Most of my work is about exploring material and combining it to other material. I like making objects and most of them contain glass.

About the Artist

Francis Muscat is a sculptor working with a variety of materials using diverse techniques. His preferred medium is glass. In Francis’ hands, glass is subjected to hot, warm and cold processes. It’s used alone or in conjunction with other media, depending on the intent or application. In much of his work he starts with blank sheets, cutting and layering so he travels from two to three dimensions. This process is evident in his construction of solid glass waves made up of numerous layers of plate glass, each of which neighbours a piece with a different organic profile. Francis produces work that has been shown in galleries and creates commissioned pieces for gardens, both private and public.

The life of an artist takes on a multitude of changes as time passes, the idea of labelling an artist’s way is as abstract as predicting the weather. As a witness of life and the journey it offers, the exposure to what that artist’s experience brings can alter the way he produces work. Francis’ passion for glass is elemental to his art practice, yet the influences takes him to many disparate ways.

His environmental influences have directed his vision and his never-ending desire to explore and experiment. Most recently he is celebrating colour and its illumination through glass, but every material is given the same consideration in respect to its relationship with each other. What is almost always obvious is the use of material in his presence whether it is for environmental reasons or the mere fact of its easy access – wood, glass, thread, etc.  It is there so he uses it. Francis finds great joy in collaboration with others, combining material and other artists’ vision to produce a singular work. His education in the arts was mostly self-taught and minimally through institutions.


Site #8 with Guest Artist Kade Bolger

S-415 Concession 2, Sunderland