Fallin Angels
Cast Glass
18 X 12″
Francis Muscat

Francis Muscat – Glass & Mixed Media Artist, Sculptor

Artist Statement

The idea of creating is driven by my love of objects, in my hands objects are dissected, rearranged and combined with similar and natural material.

About the Artist

Francis Muscat was born in Brikirkara, Malta; the fifth smallest nation in the world has over 350 churches. His father and grandfather and other members of his family worked in decorating these baroque churches laying gold leaf, marbling, doing plaster relief and intricate woodwork. Francis loved following his Dad whenever he was allowed to.
Easily excited about discovering a new material, glass became his new muse. In 1980 he enrolled in the glass program at O.C.A., there he studied glass-working techniques.
After realizing several projects it was time again to move on and Francis found that glass needed a companion material. Stone was his first choice, it resonated and the dialogue between the two materials began. Later he added metal, wood and fibre.
Any material in his hands can come alive and become something else. Everyday material available, discarded and obsolete became valuable. Repurposing was becoming a new phrase and Francis was right on it.
Primarily inspired by material, Francis’ works also comments on social and environmental issues.
Today Francis takes on commissions as well as creating autonomous sculptural works for exhibition. He collaborates with others to create architectural works in public and private spaces. He is also part time professor at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.


S-415 Concession 2, Sunderland

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