Coral, Sonya & Wilson the jellies
MIxed Media on Wood
25″ long 5″ wide

Hanna Mark – Painter & Graphic Design

Artist Statement

I am a watercolour and mixed media painter, who loves to incorporate color along with fine tiny details into my work.

About the Artist

Hanna is a watercolour and mixed media painter, who has completed a Graphic Design Degree Program at York University and Sheridan College. The skills acquired in this program have helped her to improve her artistic and creative abilities in the visual arts field. Hanna has loved art since she was a little girl. She won the art award in elementary school, and then, after working diligently in her high school’s enriched art program, she also won the art award at her grade 12 graduation. Hanna then went on to study Graphic Design. She creates art and incorporates that into her design projects as well as creating artworks and framing them for shows. Hanna has been involved in multiple art shows and continues to expand her horizons as she becomes more well-known.

3 Whales
Mixed Media on Wood
30″ long 3″ wide





110 Valentia Road
Little Britain, Ontario
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2 Whales
Mixed Media on Wood
10″ long, 8″ tall, 5″ wide

Flow the Octopus
Mixed Media on Wood
15″ long, 10″ tall, 6″ wide