Mixed Media
10 X 10″
Hanna Mark

Hanna Mark – Painter & Graphic Design

Artist Statement

I am a mixed-media painter who creates whimsical, colourful animal and floral designs.

About the Artist

Hanna is a mixed media artist and graphic designer. She started creating when she was a young girl, always drawing and making things. This led to taking art classes in high school, excelling and winning the art award at graduation. Graphic Design was something Hanna was always interested in, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Graphic Design program at York University and Sheridan College. Finishing up with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in the spring of 2019, Hanna is working towards becoming a graphic designer, as well as continuing to create whimsical mixed media works. Hanna has her works in 3 galleries throughout Ontario, and participates in art shows throughout the year. Hanna uses materials such as watercolour, tech pen and ink, copic markers, and occasionally acrylics. She has taken a long time to get her art to where it is today, now mounting her paintings ontop of wood panels and applying an epoxy resin topcoat, giving it an extra layer of shine and protection.

Flower Goat
Mixed Media
6 X 6″
Hanna Mark






110 Valentia Road
Little Britain, Ontario
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Mixed Media
4 X 4″
Hanna Mark

Purple Owl
Mixed Media
12 X 12″
Hanna Mark