22 X 30″
Sandra MacPherson

Sandra MacPherson – Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic

Artist Statement

As an artist, the process of painting is restorative and re-energizing for me. My art is intentionally affirming of peace and beauty in the world, intended to create an uplifting, moment of rest for the viewer.

About the Artist

I have loved to draw pictures since I was very young. I first encountered watercolour painting about 30 years ago and was compelled by it from the very beginning. It can be bold and bright, or delicate and transparently ethereal. My best work seems to paint itself sometimes, because I don’t always know for sure how it happened, once it is finished.

Largely self-taught, I have taken some courses at OCAD and with various professional artists. My best week was on a retreat with the CSPWC in Orillia a few years ago. My portfolio of watercolour and acrylic paintings includes landscapes, buildings, floral, still life, and figurative works. I love the tangible, lasting result of a successfully completed painting. Trying to capture and hold fleeting moments, changing light, or the historic architecture that is fast disappearing from our landscapes inspires my work. I am inspired by artists A.J. Casson, Andrew Wyeth, Mary Pratt, and Helen McNicoll among others.

For me, art has always been about telling stories, so my work tends to be realistically impressionistic. I am a very visual person and there is so much that is beautiful to look at in the world. Right here in Port Perry, the lake and landscapes are always alive with colour and light, in different moods every time you see them, in sunset, dawn, rain or snow. I am intensely drawn to houses – especially historic ones. I think it is the shape of the architecture that grabs me. And houses always have stories to tell – of communities and families, times gone by, and dreams waiting to happen.

Painting provides me a chance to slow down and reflect, away from busy daily routines. When things in life become challenging, when the news around the world is bleak or distressing, painting allows relief and rest from stress. And when things are good, it’s an opportunity to express that fulfillment in appreciation. I put on my favourite music, sing along, and paint away until I am completely absorbed, transported to another world. Many cups of tea have been forgotten in this process. . . . I am so grateful for the gift of this artistic respite, with it’s restorative, re-energizing healing. And this is what I want my paintings to express – a moment of rest – life at its best – the way we would wish it to be – light-filled, uplifting, peaceful, and beautiful.

I enjoyed living on Scugog Island for the past few years, painting in my gallery overlooking the lake. Now, settled in town in Port Perry, I am excited to continue working in my new studio. I look forward to a time when we can open our doors to each other again at the Lake Scugog Studio Tour. For more information about my work, occasional workshops, or commissions, please see my website at www.watercoloursbysandra.com.

email: watercoloursbysandra@gmail.com

website: http://watercoloursbysandra.com


On the Porch
11 X 15″
Sandra MacPherson

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Sandra MacPherson