Mr. McCowface

Kate MacPherson – Fibre

Artist Statement

Using traditional techniques I create modern pieces designed to tell stories and bring characters to life.

About the Artist

Kate is a self-taught fibre artist and has been crocheting for seven years. As a writer, she finds ways to use crochet to tell a story. With each doll she creates and designs, she is bringing a new character to life. Each doll she makes is unique, with little quirks and sometimes flaws; each character has its own personality and its own story.

Kate is constantly fascinated by trying to broaden my skills. She often combines traditional techniques with new and more modern methods. She loves mixing fibres. Typically Kate’s dolls are made with acrylic yarn, but the use of soft natural fibres to  add texture or individuality to her dolls is always exciting. Finding new ways to experiment, learn, and challenge herself is one of the best parts of crocheting.

Galavant the Dragon



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Tybalt the Tiger