Tall Coffee Pot
White Stoneware
Holds 5 cups

Cathy Lombard – Ceramic Artist and Potter

Artist Statement

I craft functional, wheel-thrown, and hand-built pottery which is inspired by my love of the natural world and the surroundings of my home.

About the Artist

Cathy Lombard graduated from OCAD University back when it was known as the Ontario College of Art. Cathy completed the comprehensive Ceramic program, though started out in the Environmental Design Department. When Cathy discovered ceramics as an elective she changed course (pun not intended).

Her work is influenced by nature, natural forms, and colours; but also design trends, architecture, and contemporary design. She has been inspired to forge her own style when studying other ceramic artist’s work. Cathy is both a skilled thrower of pots and an inventive hand builder. She takes pride in carving her own stamps that are used in her work —  giving it a unique look.

The dreaded “C” has affected all of us and like other artists, Cathy has searched for means to get her work out there. The most effective method so far has been the purchase of a new phone that can take high-resolution shots that mirror what is regularly seen on the internet. Her hope is that her work will show up when someone searches ‘best hand built teapots’ or ‘mugs to love’ or even ‘pottery critters’. Over the past year, Cathy has missed the excitement of having others touch her work, citing that “nothing compares to watching someone pick up a piece and hear them say ‘this is mine’”.

Recently Cathy discovered a new online store for Canadian potters — The Northern Kiln. They have really extended her reach as an artist and have allowed her to ship work all the way to Vancouver.

Cathy’s current works are glazed in a soft and earthy palette and often incorporate small sculptural accents. She enjoys the potential of marrying commodity with delight and the tactile pleasure of drawing, tooling, and working with clay and unpredictable glazes. Having lived in Scugog on the moraine for nearly 30 years, Cathy has found a place that nourishes her spirit and inspires her work.


email: wagmoore@hotmail.ca

website: thenorthernkiln.ca

instagram: instagram.com/cathy.at.cedar.bend

other: citizensofcraft.ca

Contemporary Dot Teapot
Hand Built Red Stoneware
Holds 5 cups

Striped Dot Mugs
Hand Built Red Stoneware
10 oz
$40.00 ea

Butterfly Teapot
Wheel Thrown White Stoneware
Holds 4 cups