Skinny Dipping
4 1/2 X 9″

Erin Le Page¬†–¬†Printmaker

Artist Statement

My artwork reflects the tenderness and sensuality of lounging about.

About the Artist

Erin is a linocut printmaker. She makes limited edition original art prints. Most of her work features images of people doing everyday things in their underwear. Erin also often includes a cat. She has focused primarily on linocuts. She likes each individual step that leads up to the finished print. Normally the first step in her process is sitting at a messy table, listening to music and drawing. After that, the drawing is transferred to a piece of linoleum with carbon paper. Then she uses different sharp gouges to carve out the lines. Printmaking is counter intuitive because unlike drawing or painting you create negative space where you carve. The carved marks are what will be left white. Next Erin rolls ink onto the linoleum and prints it by rubbing the back onto paper. She uses the same wooden spoon to print her work today that she has used since she first started printmaking in 1997.




On the Dock
10 X 8″

8 1/2 X 8″

Tuck In
6 1/2 X 6″