Cherry Ombre Baskets
Cotton Cord
9″ X 5″
$60 each

Judy Jacques – Fibre Artist

Artist Statement

I  have a passion for creating baskets that are colourful, functional and unique.

About the Artist

Judy Jacques loves to create, whether it’s knitting, painting, drawing, cooking or sewing, Judy always has a project (or 10) on the go. About 5 years ago, after taking a workshop on rope basket making, Judy became obsessed with cotton cord and began experimenting at her sewing machine, creating basket after basket and she’s been creating cotton cord baskets ever since.

Judy is inspired by nature and enjoys gathering natural materials that can be used as a dye. She has used everything from avocados and acorns, to coffee, cabbage and black beans. She also plays with some eco-friendly dye options for colours that I’m not able to capture with botanicals.

Judy begins each basket at the very center of the base, starting with a small coil which is slowly turned again and again, over and over adding to the coil and building the base of the basket. The cotton cord loops around one strand at a time until the desired shape (oval or circular) is created. She then begins to work on the sides continuing to coil. It’s a slow and meditative process.

Stack of Trays
Cotton Cord
8″ X 2″
$40 each

When covid hit, Judy spent little to no time in her studio and felt utterly uninspired. But slowly, her studio became, once again, a place of solace and peace. Covid gifted Judy with so much perspective (and time) and has inspired her to continue to put more beauty and color – which to me feels like joy – out into the world. Judy loves knowing that someone is enjoying a basket she has made, that it has a place in their home, holding small pieces of their life.