Lavender-Blu Honey
Mila Haynos-Owen

Mila Haynos-Owen – Lavender Artisan

Artist Statement

I grow Ontario lavender on a small eco family farm. I create and offer a wide variety of artisanal lavender products.

About the Artist

Mila Haynos-Owen is the owner of Lavender-Blu – an eco lavender garden, hobby farm and artisan lavender studio located in the small hamlet of Seagrave on the shore of Lake Scugog. Since 2007 Lavender-Blu has been hand-crafting value added artisanal lavender products and teaching the public about the multifaceted beauty of lavender via workshops and community-based activities. The mandate of Lavender-Blu is to beautify our community, to create unique hand-made artisan products as well as to educate individuals on the subject of lavender.

Lavender Goat Milk Soap
Mila Haynos-Owen


Lavender-Blu is dedicated to the pursuit and amplification of happiness through the multifaceted beauty of lavender.


2375 Bank Road, Seagrave, L0C 1G0

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Farm & Community

At the end of 2013 Lavender-Blu relocated to its current location – a three acre hobby farm on the shore of Lake Scugog. There are over 40 farm animals and 3,000-plus lavender plants; and in collaboration with Hiveshare, eight beehives on the property. The studio is already up and running creating many hand-crafted lavender artisan products.

In the last two years the farm has  made great efforts to participate in the community and to develop strong relationships and networks with the artisans in the area. Mila strives to promote and educate on the subject of lavender within the community – many of her  educational contributions are on a voluntary basis.

Heat Packs with Lavender
Mila Haynos-Owen


Lavender’s natural healing powers, aroma, flavour and colour have for centuries contributed to the improved quality of life world-wide. Through Lavender-Blu, Mila feels it is her role to communicate this message and broadcast it as ‘loudly’ and widely as possible so that everyone may continue benefiting from one of nature’s most unique and mystical gifts. She hopes to introduce artisanal products of the highest quality, that equally enrich one’s life in the most positive of ways, in the hope of spreading happiness. More importantly, she hopes to communicate her knowledge on the subject in the most comprehensive way, to the greatest benefit of each and every customer and reader interested in lavender.