Fiery Sumac
11 X 15″
Ruth Greenlaw

Ruth Greenlaw – Painter & Printmaker

Artist Statement

As a nature artist in Durham region, I use various media to paint and draw plants, birds, life studies, and landscapes in a realistic style.

About the Artist

I am a Durham region artist who works in a realistic style in various media to express nature-based themes. Plants, including flowers and trees, have been one of my enduring interests. I enjoy drawing the small details of a plant as well as depicting its life cycle. When I look at a plant, I might ask myself how the leaf and flower join the stem. By looking and drawing, my eye finds the answers and my hand describes them visually. The media I use for drawing are pencil, pen and ink, and various printmaking methods.

My etching press enables me to work in etching, drypoint and monoprinting. To learn about the etching process, take a look at “How to Create an Etching” on my website, For a monoprint, I flatten leaves and other parts of plants, then apply archival ink to them and print them. I combine my drawings, monoprints and etchings to express the connections between plants and insects or birds. Sometimes the juxtaposition suggests the passage of time.

Flowering plants and fall leaves call to me to express their colour. Sticks of pastel contain vibrant pigment and allow me to work boldly on special paper. But at other times I want to depict precisely the nuances of colour that I see in the veins and indentations on the leaf and stem. I love watercolour for its botanical precision as well as blended effects. Both media are great for landscapes and life studies, too.

It is disappointing that, because of COVID-19, I haven’t been able to show my art personally in the Durham region. But I continue to create my drawings and paintings focusing on the realistic details of nature, in hopes that, eventually, people will be able to enjoy them.

Cannas in Sunlight
18 1/2 X 14″
Ruth Greenlaw







Fountain of Blue
11 X 14″
Ruth Greenlaw

Chickadee & Lady’s Mantle
10 X 9″
Ruth Greenlaw