15 X 20″
Ruth Greenlaw

Ruth Greenlaw – Painter & Printmaker

Artist Statement

Plants, birds, insects, landscapes and people are my subjects. I use watercolours, pastels, drawing and printmaking. The possibilities are endless.

About the Artist

Ruth was born and grew up in Ontario and has returned after living in other communities. She has studied art at university and in workshops and classes. Since returning to Ontario eleven years ago she has joined several artist groups and has won awards in juried shows.

Ruth enjoys using pastel, watercolour, printmaking and various drawing media, expressing herself in line and in colour. She loves using various papers, such as coloured sandpaper for pastels or thin oriental papers layered together for etchings and drawings. Ruth’s subject matter is based in nature, whether it is a landscape, a still life with flowers or an exploration of the leaves and roots of a plant. As well, she draws the human form, using life drawing to sharpen her skills.

Ruth experiments with various materials and subject matter, feeling that art offers endless possibilities in self-expression.

Hosta Garden #1
13 X 10″
Ruth Greenlaw





Heavy Laden
10 X 13″
Ruth Greenlaw

8 X 10″
Ruth Greenlaw