Jo’s Barn
21 X 27″
Laurene Green

Laurene Green – Painter – Oil,Watercolour & Encaustic

Artist Statement

Landscapes, rural countrysides and architecture have been my main focal point in my compositions. Watercolours and oils are my primary mediums.


About the Artist

For over 25 years I have had the opportunity and joy of teaching at the secondary level in Toronto, both in the communications and fine art capacity. I have also crafted many editions using lithography, silkscreen and etchings during my spare time at the Open Studio. My drawing abilities have lead to numerous commissions to draw both animals and portraits over the years and across the seas, mostly using chalk pastels. Moreover my portfolio has expanded into 3 dimensional work using wire, stone and glass, but my passion is watercolour and water based oils, plus small scale encaustic pieces, always working on location, always trying to convey an impression using colour and light that is my passion. I reside in the township of Scugog and live on a farm in Seagrave that houses an art studio for winter painting and reproduction work.

Blue Barn
14 X 12.5″
Laurene Green




Site #5 with Paul & Beverly WilliamsMike Townsend & Heather Laws


Bark Lake
14 X 12.5
Laurene Green