Birch Hollow Form
14″ x 6″
Frank Ditomaso

Frank Ditomaso – Wood

Artist Statement

I like to use primarily native woods, with an occasional exotic accent, to make functional and artistic unique wood turned objects.

About the Artist

“Wood is deep in our bones. Even in our modern world of steel and plastic, it is wood, whether in its original source as trees, or as furniture, floors, homes, tools or toys, that still moves the human heart.”

Embossed Walnut Bowl
3 X 8″
Frank Ditomaso

Frank moved to the Uxbridge area in 2002 after retiring from Automation Engineering. This gave him the opportunity to continue to develop his furniture making and woodturning skills full time. He calls himself a “serious” amateur. Operating out his workshop near Sunderland he has tried to use mostly native woods to make objects that while built to have a purpose such as many forms of bowls, lidded boxes, urns, candlesticks, Christmas ornaments, spheres and many more. He tries to give them that extra panache that turns them into a piece of three dimensional art, something you can place on a shelf and just enjoy for it’s shape, colour, and touch. Like most wood turners, Frank is continuously learning and enjoys passing on his knowledge through presentations to other woodturning guilds and by teaching at Lee Valley Tool stores



Site #7 with

Carole Ditomaso, Paul & Beverley Williams & Marie Moore

345 Concession 2 Brock
Sunderland, Ontario L0C 1H0

Map It

Laminated Bowl
4″ X 10″
Frank Ditomaso

Walnut Hollow Form
5″ x 12″
Frank Ditomaso