Schedule for Demonstrations & Give It a Whirl!


We’re eager to share our processes with you! Many artists will have activities beyond this schedule and each site will have sketch books, art journals, equipment, tools, machines, work in progress, and more, for you to see.



This schedule will guarantee that you see us with tools in hand, sharing tips and explaining how we work.

SATURDAY Demonstrations

Time Site Artist Demonstration
10:30 am  1 David Clubine Watercolour painting
11:00 am 1 Sarah Porter weaving sterling silver into chainmail
 11:00 am  2 Linda Virio Encaustic painting
11:30 am 2 Peter Lauricella Assembly and turning a bowl
 12:00 pm 10 Sandra MacPherson Watercolour Painting
12:30 2 Theatre on the Ridge making props and scenic decorations
 12:30 pm 6 Milo Haynos-Owens Garden Tour of Lavender varieties
 1:00 pm 3 Ruth Greenlaw Explanation of the Etching process
 1:30 pm 4 Frank Ditomaso Turning hollow form on lathe
2:00 pm 4 Carole Ditomaso Machine quilting and quilt design software
2:30 pm 16 Marion Meyers Encaustic Painting
3:00 pm 8 Cathy Mark Metal cutting and shaping
3:30 pm 7 Harvey Walker Oil painting
4:00 pm 7 Sarah Holtby How to draw an eye using pencil and pencil crayon

SUNDAY Demonstrations

Time Site Artist Demonstration
10:30 am 9 Joanna Malcolm Painter at work
 11:00 am  8 Kirsty Naray Saori weaving
11:30 am 9 Karen Hunter Anodizing (colouring) Niobium
12:00 pm 9 Gordon Reidt Sculpting work in progress
12:30 15 Karen Fox Oil Painting
 12:30 pm 5 Francis Muscat Forming Glass
 1:00 pm 2 Libbie Burns Felting process
 1:30 pm 6 Peter Rensink Constructing Native American-style Flute
2:00 pm 12 Karen Neu Wideman Mosaic Landscape Painting
2:30 pm 14 Linda Edwards Oil Painting
3:00 pm 17 Paul Williams  Wet forming leather
3:30 pm 11 Kimberly Price Chain making


GIVE IT A WHIRL & Make & Take!

Try things out for yourself! Artists will set out supplies and tools and encourage you to muck about. Some of these activities allow you to make and take a wee project. Space and materials will be limited.

Saturday Give It A Whirl!

Time Site Artist  Activity
12:00 pm 2 Saundra Reiner Imprinting clay – weather permitting
1:00 pm 2 Theatre on the Ridge Work with us to make props and scenic decorations, ages 10+ 
1:30 pm 14 Linda Edwards Try oil painting
3:00 pm 16 Marion Meyers Give encaustic painting a try, ages 15+ 

Sunday Give It A Whirl!

Time Site Artist  Activity
11:00 am 2 Peter Lauricella Gluing pre-cut wooden pieces, ages 10+
11:30 am 6 Mila Haynos-Owen Make a lavender sachet, $5 materials cost
1:00 pm 2 Theatre on the Ridge Work with us to make props and scenic decorations, ages 10+ 
1:00 pm 10 Don Downer Bring your camera to take photos on a nature walk
2:00 pm 13 Erin Le Page Try print-making  Children welcome