Schedule for Demonstrations & Give It a Whirl!


We’re eager to share our processes with you. This schedule will guarantee that you see us with tools in hand, sharing tips and explaining how we work. Many artists will do demos beyond this schedule and each site will have sketch books, art journals, equipment, tools, machines, work in progress and more.



Saturday Demonstrations

Time Site Artist Demonstration
10:00 am  5 Anja Kooistra  Applying fabric & natural materials to a model
10:30 am 1 Karen Hunter Anodizing Niobium, putting colour on metal
 11:00 am  2 David Clubine Watercolour Painting
11:30 am 1 Pat Neal Weaving, on traditional wooden floor looms
 12:00 pm 20 Harvey Walker Watch an Oil Painting appear on canvas
 12:00 pm 7 Frank Ditomaso Wood Turning hollow form on lathe
 12:30 pm 9 Milo Haynos-Owens Garden Tour of Lavender varieties
 1:00 pm 6 Monique van Wel Wax Carving
 1:30 pm 3 Theatre 3X60 Behind the scenes of a Rehearsal
2:00 pm 3 Peter Lauricella Cutting, assembly, turning and finishing a Wooden Bowl
2:30 pm 10 Libbie Burns Laying Fibres for wet felt process
3:00 pm 16 Rick Taylor Painting an Acrylic landscape
3:30 pm 11 Cathy Mark Draw, cut and shape a Metal piece on the anvil
4:00 pm 15 Kirsty Naray Saori Weaving
4:30 pm 21 Jeremy Le Page Explanation of Colour Palette


SUNDAY Demonstrations

Time Site Artist Demonstration
10:00 am  20 Paul & Beverly Williams Wet forming Leather
10:30 am 1 Leslie Beauchamp Painting from realistic to abstract
 11:00 am  20 Allison Clayton Painting
11:30 am 1 Jennifer Wolfe Cutting Stones in stages
 12:00 pm 15 Marion Myers Encaustic Painting
 12:30 pm 7 Ruth Greenlaw Explaining the Etching process
 1:00 pm 10 Spring Reilly Construction of a Headpiece for a photo shoot
 1:30 pm 19 Frances Usher Welding in Metal, Casting in Plaster
2:00 pm 2 Sarah Porter Creating Silver Chainmail Jewelry
2:30 pm 17 Linda Edwards Oil Painting
3:00 pm 3 Linda Virio Encaustic Painting
3:30 pm 22 Kimberly Price Creating Silver Chainmail and Beadwork
4:00 pm 20 Gordon Reidt Stone Sculpturing techniques with hand tools
4:30 pm 4 Ann Cummings Slip Trailing in Clay



Try things out for yourself! Artists will set out supplies and tools and encourage you to muck about. But it’s not for just visual artists. Do you have a budding actor in your midst? Theatre 3X60 welcomes you to rehearse as scene with them at Site #3, Utica Memory Hall.





Saturday Give It A Whirl!

Time Site Artist  Activity
10:30 am 5 Anja Kooistra Play with fabric to decorate a model (Age 8+)
11:00 am 13 Sandra MacPherson Try some watercolour techniques (Age 8+)
12:00 pm 17 Linda Edwards Experiment with oil painting
1:00 pm 7 Ruth Greenlaw Try pastel painting (Age 8+)
1:00 pm 19 Frances Usher Learn the basics of chiseling (Age 8+)
3:00 pm 12 Saundra Reiner Play with mark making tools in raw clay tiles


Sunday Give It A Whirl!

Time Site Artist  Activity
11:00 am 1 Pat Neal Experience weaving on a loom
11:30 am 21 Erin Le Page Try print making. Children welcome.
12:00 pm 4 Ann Cummings Make press moulded objects from clay
1:00 pm 13 Don Downer Bring your camera to take photos on a nature walk
2:00 pm 3 Theatre 3X60 Rehearse a scene with script in hand. (Age 12+)