Over 20 years ago three women got talking. “There are so many fabulous artists in this community.”, “We need more opportunities to sell our art.”, “People ask me all kinds of questions about my inspirations and processes because they know I’m an artist. What about the people who have never met me?”, “At shows I get asked how I make my art, but I can’t show them in a small booth”, “The year 2,000 is coming up. What could we do to celebrate the millenium?” short pause . . . all together now . . . “Let’s plan a Studio Tour!”

“What were they thinking?” you might ask. After all they are a lot of work to organize. And it’s not a tour if lots of visitors don’t come out and that means lots of advertising and promotion. Typically artists are reluctant to do shameless self-promotion and have no idea how to market themselves, let alone market a whole group of artists. Or do a website for that matter. But innovative and willing to learn, we get it done. And this year we bring you our 20th Lake Scugog Studio Tour. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

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