Pottery & Baking: both rely on chemistry

Potter Bill Reddick spends time baking his famous flourless chocolate cake when he’s not in the studio. If you’ve been to 318 McDonald in Port Perry during studio tour you’ve probably had a taste of this awesome cake. Bill made this for us and shipped it! Continue reading →

Art in a Greenhouse? Why Not?

So it happens that most of the artists on our tour are avid gardeners (not that the first weekend in May is a great time to see our gardens!) And we all love to buy locally grown food. Well what about locally grown garden plants? Otter Greenhouses at 315 Medd Rd, just west of the hamlet of Epsom, grow fabulous hanging baskets and a huge variety of annuals in flats and pots. Otter Greenhouses is a wholesaler and most of what they produce goes to retailers, but they are open to the public every spring. So you can buy direct.

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Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Over 20 years ago three women got talking. “There are so many fabulous artists in this community.”, “We need more opportunities to sell our art.”, “People ask me all kinds of questions about my inspirations and processes because they know I’m an artist. What about the people who have never met me?”, “At shows I get asked how I make my art, but I can’t show them in a small booth”, “The year 2,000 is coming up. What could we do to celebrate the millenium?” short pause . . . all together now . . . “Let’s plan a Studio Tour!”

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Photography – Creating and Capturing Moments in Time

Our photographers would love to share their stunning images with you. They create and capture unique moments in time. Stay close to home or travel the world with images featuring objects, landscapes, streetscapes, people and wildlife. Come see the world through the lenses of seven different photographers.