Mesmerz Jem
Dyed Birch Veneer + Acrylic Finial
5.25 X 2.5″
Kade Bolger

Kade Bolger – Woodturner

Artist Statement

Each piece I turn on the lathe tells the story of its creation in the tree. The divots, inclusions and irregularities hint at that unique story.

About the Artist

Awarded Masters honors by the Woodturners Guild of Ontario, designer and sculptor, Kade Bolger, is well on his way to mastering sculptural carving techniques as he hones his artistic imagination.

Kade’s wood carving education began with early carving sessions with his Irish grandfather. That sparked his interest in the unique features of a tree and he began to see the art of beautiful wooden sculptures. He expanded his interests in wood with sessions on the wood lathe (2011) and then began working with Master Woodturners in Ontario and later private lessons in Ireland (2016) and England (2018).

Into the Deep
Live-edge Honey Locust Bowl
9.75 X 7.25 X 2.5″
Kade Bolger

Kade’s greatest achievements are the prestigious awards received from Woodturners Guild of Ontario in the categories of Intermediate (2015), Advanced (2016), Masters (2016, 2018) and Open (2017). Similarly, “Incursion”, a live-edge side-grain walnut wing bowl, was chosen as Cover Image for World Of Woodturning website (2016) and, then “! Exclamation”, a live-edge end-grain juniper bowl was chosen for Cover Image of Woodturners Guild Of Ontario website (2016). Kade presently displays some work at the Lynde House Museum in Whitby. His greatest honor in recent years has been to teach and demonstrate to his mentors and peers in the local and regional woodturning guilds. He has recently taught soup and salad bowl, lidded box and live edge bowl woodturning classes at Lee Valley Stores in Toronto and Scarborough.

Kade connects with the wood. His unique sculptural style focuses on the story that each piece of wood tells. Kade examines, identifies and plans a working path to best highlight the unique characteristics of the wood and then brings it to life in the form of functional sculptural art. When you put everything aside and let your creative imagination take over only then can possibilities happen.

Kade’s schedule of 2019 Juried Exhibitions and Vendor Opportunities:

The Branch
Live-edge Applewood
3.5 X 6.5 X 3″
Kade Bolger

Art on the Esplanade, Pickering May 2019
Beaches Art and Craft Show, Kew Gardens, June 2019
Richmond Hill Canada Day, July 2019
Mariposa Folk Festival, Orillia, July 2019
Muskoka Arts and Festival, Bracebridge, July 2019
Kempenfest – Huronia Festival of Arts and Crafts, August 2019
Art In The Park, Uxbridge, August, 2019
Lee Valley Woodturning Classes, Fall, 2019
Richmond Hill Studio Tour, Richmond Hill, October, 2019
Hand Of Man, Peterborough, October 2019
Kingsway College Christmas Show, November 2019



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Sapele Lidded Box
2.5 X 4.5″
Kade Bolger