Marion Meyers

Pottery & Baking: both rely on chemistry

Love the mocha filling.

Potter Bill Reddick spends time baking his famous flourless chocolate cake when he’s not in the studio. If you’ve been to 318 McDonald in Port Perry during studio tour you’ve probably had a taste of this awesome cake. Bill made this for us and shipped it! fabulous with a glass of red wine in our Bill Reddick pottery wine glasses! His contact info is here if you wish to buy one and have Bill ship it to you.

Serving Bill Reddick’s chocolate cake.


Our freshest face – a young Emerging Artist

You’ll be delighted to talk to young Emerging artist Nina Haynos-Owen at Site 10. Her hand-crafted Peg People are whimsical small dolls. And she’s created her own website called Lavender Chickadees. It’s a great name considering she lives on a lavender farm. We’ve been encouraging artists of all ages who have not shown their work on a tour or had a private show to step up and give it a try. Artists may work for years at their craft, perfecting technique and creating their own voice, before they feel they are ready to show their work and put it out there for feedback and criticism, and ultimately to sell. It’s an emotional step and the artists of the Lake Scugog Studio Tour encourage emerging artists, mentor them through their first tour and help them meet other artists in our community. We hope you get to see Nina’s work at Lavender-Blu Studio, 2975 Bank Street, Seagrave. And you’ll get to tour the farm, and purchase the lovely artisanal lavender products of Mila Haynos- Owen and Makwa flutes crafted by Stephen Rensink.

Art in a Greenhouse? Why Not?

So it happens that most of the artists on our tour are avid gardeners (not that the first weekend in May is a great time to see our gardens!) And we all love to buy locally grown food. Well what about locally grown garden plants? Otter Greenhouses at 315 Medd Rd, just west of the hamlet of Epsom, grow fabulous hanging baskets and a huge variety of annuals in flats and pots. Otter Greenhouses is a wholesaler and most of what they produce goes to retailers, but they are open to the public every spring. So you can buy direct. One day last spring Jennifer and Gordon Ross were up there buying plants and got talking with the owners and they cooked up a plan to have some of our artists at the greenhouses for May 4 and 5. It’s warm inside and full of plants at that time of year, waiting for the ground to warm up and the shipping out to start. So we’ve got four artists there this year. Paul Williams will be there with his wonderful metal sculptures, many of which are perfect for gardens. And then there are two painters, both new to our tour, Laurene Green and Heather Laws. rounding out the selection is woodworker, Mike Townsend, with many unique wooden items for everyday use. While you’re there tour the greenhouse to plan your garden colour scheme. Just two to three weeks later the chance of frost will pass so you can return to purchase and safely plant those tender annuals and put out your hanging baskets. When you return for plants, tell them you’d like to support the Scugog Council for the Arts, and they’ll give a percent of your purchase to this local arts organization. And it will help fund their free public activities on Canada Day in Palmer Park.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Over 20 years ago three women got talking. “There are so many fabulous artists in this community.”, “We need more opportunities to sell our art.”, “People ask me all kinds of questions about my inspirations and processes because they know I’m an artist. What about the people who have never met me?”, “At shows I get asked how I make my art, but I can’t show them in a small booth”, “The year 2,000 is coming up. What could we do to celebrate the millenium?” short pause . . . all together now . . . “Let’s plan a Studio Tour!” “What were they thinking?” you might ask. After all they are a lot of work to organize. And it’s not a tour if lots of visitors don’t come out and that means lots of advertising and promotion. Typically artists are reluctant to do shameless self-promotion and have no idea how to market themselves, let alone market a whole group of artists. Or do a website for that matter. But innovative and willing to learn, we get it done. And this year we bring you our 20th Lake Scugog Studio Tour. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Meet 4 Emerging Artists at the Scugog Council for the Arts – Nov. 4 – 25, 2017

The Lake Scugog Studio Tour is proud to present four emerging artists for our May 2018 Studio Tour. In advance of the tour we are presenting these fabulous up-and-comers in a group exhibition of their work at the Scugog Council for the Arts gallery at 181 Perry Street in Port Perry. You’ll discover the exquisite pencil work of Sarah Holtby, the colourful paintings of Karen Wideman, beautiful flutes carved by Stephen Rensink and the inspiring work of the fearless sight-impaired Nelly Schurman.  The exhibition runs Saturday November 4 through Saturday November 25, Tuesday to Saturdays, 11 am to 4 pm. Everyone is welcome to meet these four talented artists at the opening on Saturday November 4 from 1 – 3 pm.

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Karen Wideman - painter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Nelly Schurman - potter

Stephen Rensink - flute maker

Stephen Rensink - flute maker

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Sarah Holtby - drawings

Artists at Work – Come Out for Live Demonstrations at Sites #1 – #7

Site #1 is Naked Lamb Studio, 8 Myrtle Road, on the north west corner at Highway 12

PAT NEAL ~ Weaver

Pat Neal brings 20 yrs. of passion to the world of weaving, combining colour, texture and pattern into unique hand woven pieces. Join Pat in her Myrtle studio as she demonstrates the art of weaving on traditional floor looms. She will also have a loom available for her curious visitors, so they too can try their hand at weaving.

Demonstration: Weaving 11:30 am Saturday

Give it a Whirl: 11:00 am Sunday


LESLIE BEAUCHAMP ~ Painter and Mixed Media Artist

Leslie considers herself to be truly blessed because she is surrounded by her first love and her artistic subject matter – forests and lakes, trees and wildlife, as well as light and nature in all its forms. Leslie likes to layer different mediums to bring about a brilliant, slightly otherworldly effect in her work. From pastels and conté to acrylic, each is used in various layered combinations. Leslie will be demonstrating painting on site, bringing us through stages of realistic to abstract.

Demonstration: Painting 10:30 am Sunday


KAREN HUNTER ~ Jeweller and Silversmith Artist

Karen’s colourful jewellery is handmade, designed by her and is fun to wear. Karen works with Sterling Silver, semi-precious stones and Niobium, a very rare and pure metal which is naturally hypoallergenic. When “anodized” (electrified), Niobium produces a rainbow of colours. Join Karen as she demonstrates this process of anodizing Niobium.

Demonstration: Jewelry making 10:30 am Saturday


Site #2 is 13900 March Hill Road, south of Durham Road 21, Utica

David Clubine ~ Painter

David pursued illustration studies at OCAD University and has been painting commissioned

Unionville Board and Batten
16 X 20″
David Clubine

watercolours for nearly 30 years. The architecture in Ontario features century homes, farm buildings, railway stations and churches, with a rich reflection of rural life from the past. Specifically, Durham and York regions, with historical buildings and picturesque landscapes, provide a wide variety of inspiration for his subject matter. You’re invited to explore his gallery and watch David work on his watercolour paintings.

Demonstration: Watercolour painting 11:00 am Saturday


Sarah Porter ∼ Glass & Jewelry

I’ve discovered that my strength is in combining chain mail and wire wrapping techniques in media such as sterling silver, semi-precious stones, custom fused glass pieces and even textiles, to create completely unique, wearable “jewellery art”. Combining metals and powders with glass in the kiln do the same for my “functional art” bowls, platters, candle holders and more. Watch Sarah create her lovely chain mail jewelry.

Demonstration: Chain mail jewelry 2:00 pm Sunday



Site #3 is Utica Memory Hall, s/w corner of Durham Rd. 21 & Marsh Hill Rd., Utica

Theatre 3X60

Theatre 3X60 is committed to meaningful theatre experiences & education, artistic excellence, accessibility and audience engagement throughout Durham.

Watch as Theatre 3X60 goes behind the scenes to prepare for a production. Watch a live rehearsal.

Demonstration: Rehearsal 1:30 pm Saturday


Peter Lauricella∼Woodturner

Peter has an extensive background in woodworking, having designed and built spiral and circular stairs, furniture and children’s toys. Peter has been turning wood for several years and appreciates and thrives on the complex nature of segmentation.

Peter will be demonstrating the steps of cutting, assembling, turning and finishing a wooden bowl.

Demonstration: Woodworking 2:00 pm Saturday



Linda Virio ~ Painter

Working with beeswax, resin and colour Linda will demonstrate the encaustic painting process. This is an ancient process that is undergoing a bit of a revival. Hot beeswax is coloured, painted and heated with a torch to create vibrant and luminous pieces of art.

Demonstration: Encaustic Painting 3:00 pm Sunday




Site #4 is 14260 Marsh Hill Road, north of Durham Rd. 21, Utica

Ann Cummings ∼Porcelain

Ann has worked in ceramics for many years learning from many sources and running the gamut of various methods of making a living. Ann has taught in several schools in Canada,  worked at  Prime Gallery  – the preeminent gallery in Canada for ceramic art – all while creating her own ceramic work.

Give It a Whirl: Make a press moulded objects from clay 12:00 pm Sunday

Demonstration: Slip trailing in clay 4:30 Sunday


Site #5 is Rolling Hills Studio, 10445 Sideroad 17

Anja Kooistra ∼Fabric Sculpture

I have found a unusual way of working with recycling materials I find in and around my gardens such as birds nest and sheep ‘hair’, plus other materials like natural fibers, vintage lace and doilies, which I then use in my work to give lasting life for many years to come. I often focus on the female form for its limitless variety, with each having a personality and ethereal life force of its own. Another favourite of mine is animals. Fostering the love of animals that began in my childhood, I have a particular fondness for birds, which play an important role in my spiritual life and my sculptures.

Working with various fabrics and other natural materials presents unique challenges and possibilities – and it has given me an unusual freedom in creating sculpture and art. The medium I use to sculpt my large and small figurines is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly fabric hardener.

Come see how I apply fabric and natural materials to a model.

Demonstration: 10:00 am Saturday

Give It A Whirl: You can play with Fabric to Decorate a Model 10:30 Saturday


Site #6 is 10755 Sideroad 17, Sunderland

Monique Van Wel ∼ Jeweller

I’m an award winning gold-silversmith and custom jewelry designer, specializing in one-of-a-kind design. My passion for nature and fluid lines have been a great inspiration for my MVW designs collection over the past 20 years working as a goldsmith. I love working in sterling silver and gold with diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

Demonstration: Wax Carving 1:00 pm Saturday





Site #7 is 345 Concession 2, Sunderland

Frank Ditomaso ∼ Woodturner

“I have found woodturning to be at once challenging and very creative. The range of functional and artistic pieces is endless.” I moved to the Uxbridge area in 2002 after retiring from the steel industry where I worked in the Automation Engineering department. This has given me the opportunity to continue to develop my furniture making and woodturning skills full time.

My demonstration will show wood turning a hollow form on a lathe.

Demonstration: 12:00 pm Saturday


Ruth Greenlaw ∼ Watercolour, Drawing, Printmaking, Pastel

Ruth enjoys using pastel, watercolour, printmaking and various drawing media, expressing herself in line and in colour.  She loves using various papers, such as coloured sandpaper for pastels or thin oriental papers layered together for etchings and drawings.  Ruth’s subject matter is based in nature, whether it is a landscape, a still life with flowers or an exploration of the leaves and roots of a plant.  As well, she draws the human form, using life drawing to sharpen her skills.

Ruth will explain the etching process.

Demonstration: 12:30 pm Sunday

Give It a Whirl: Try pastel painting (Age 8+)




Now Accepting Applications for the 2017 Tour

Our tour is growing and we’re looking to welcome more artists. We’d love to expand the range and diversity of our artists and their media. We are actively searching out artists – so feel free to call up any of the artists on the tour to chat and see if we’re a potential good match. The leader of our Jury Committee is Cathy Mark and you can reach her at if you have questions about our process. 

Spring Blossoms encaustic on board Linda Virio

Spring Blossoms
encaustic on board
Linda Virio

Our tour is going to welcome, for the first time, Emerging Talent – yes we’re looking for those of you who have had limited showing and selling experience. Perhaps you have just a handful of paintings you consider to be “show worthy”. That’s okay! We’d like you to send our jury images of your very best. We can match you up with experienced site artists and would expect you to bring only your best pieces out to share with our visitors. And further exciting news – we’re going to hold a show at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery, in November of 2016, exclusively for our Emerging Artists. 

If you don’t see yourself as “emerging” go ahead and enter in the site or guest category. We’d be happy to have more host sites especially in Myrtle, Utica, Nestleton, Port Perry and in the area from Seagrave to Valencia in the north and west end of the lake. 

And our whole application process is on-line! If you have any trouble with the application process please call or text Marion Meyers at 905-985-1335 

Enter here!