Linda Virio

Photography – Creating and Capturing Moments in Time

Our photographers would love to share their stunning images with you. They create and capture unique moments in time. Stay close to home or travel the world with images featuring objects, landscapes, streetscapes, people and wildlife. Come see the world through the lenses of seven different photographers.

Artists at Work – Come Out for Live Demonstrations at Sites #15 – #22

Site # 15 is at 318 McDonald Street, Port Perry

Kirsty Naray ∼ Glass, Fibre, Jewellery

Kirsty began working with stained glass in 1978, making architectural pieces for private homes. In 1993 Kirsty became interested in melting glass in a flame in 1993 and begain making glass beads, which is still a vital part of her work today. Several years ago, fibre became a new passion. She taught herself how to make wet welted items, then took a nuno felting workshop with the wonderful Libbie Burns. Learning to spin many types of fibre into yarn came next. This spring Kirsty went to the U.S. to learn how to do a special type of weaving called Saori. She is now the proud owner of her own Japanese loom.

Come and see Kirsty using her new Saori loom.

Demonstration: Weaving at 4:00 pm Saturday

Marion Meyers ~ Encaustic Painting & Quilting

Marion will have the beeswax melted and ready to show you many of the steps to encaustic painting. This ancient technique uses modern tools and a medium of melted beeswax and damar resin. It’s fascinating to see the technique first-hand.

Demonstration: Encaustic Painting at 12:00 noon Sunday

Site #16 at the SCA Gallery, 181 Perry Street, Port Perry

Rick Taylor ∼Acrylic

Even as a preschooler he loved to draw.  His father, Leslie Taylor was a local sign writer, painting innumerable trucks, awnings and banners. Rick is an avid traveler and has painted and sketched in the U.K, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, North Africa, Hawaii, South American, Israel, Egypt, and also throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.  Algonquin Park is a favourite location.  In May of 2004 he fulfilled a lifelong dream and visit Arizona to paint the desert. The summer of 2005 was spent painting in Newfoundland.

You can watch Rick as he works on painting a landscape in acrylic.

Demonstration: Acrylic painting 3:00 pm, Saturday

Site #17 is Meta4 Contemporary Craft Gallery, 200 Queen Street, Port Perry

Linda Edwards ∼ Oil Painter

“I love to make order from chaos as I paint.”

Linda Edwards paints with oil and watercolour. The hours spent exploring the shores of Lake Champlain while growing up have greatly influenced the outcome of her work. She studied commercial art at Dawson Collage in Montreal and fine art at The Ontario Collage of Art in Toronto. It was during her time at O.C.A. that she experienced the excitement of creating movement in a landscape painting and the mystical feeling of capturing the likeness of a person in a portrait.

On Saturday you can try your own hand at oil painting. On Sunday you can watch Linda create some  excitement on canvas in an oil painting demonstration.

Give it a Whirl: 12:00 pm Saturday

Demonstration: Oil painting 2:30 pm Sunday

Site #19 is at 96 John Street, rear Coach House, Port Perry

Frances Usher ∼ Sculpture & Oil Painting

Fran was born in Holland, and immigrated to Canada. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Queens), majoring in Sculpture and Painting, as well as a teacher’s degree in visual arts. After having spent the last 30 years producing mostly commission based artwork, she has taken that leap of faith all art people hope to have the courage to do in their lifetime. That is, she produces work for herself and is thoroughly enjoying that total freedom of expression. Fran’s studio has recently been re- located to Port Perry, Ontario.

You can visit Frances in her new studio and pick up a chisel to learn the basics of how to chisel (age 8+). Or on Sunday you can watch Francis as she welds metal and casts plaster.

Give It a Whirl: 1:30 pm Saturday

Demonstration: 1:30 pm, Sunday

Site #20 is at 4 Ella Street, Port Perry

Harvey Walker ∼ Oil Painter

“My goal is to connect to the viewer through images that capture the eye and move the spirit. I work with oils on canvas and focus on capturing the peace, spirit and hidden power of ever changing landscapes.”. Harvey’s studio is in a gracious 142 year old home in Port Perry and he spends half his time in Haliburton County capturing the rugged beauty found there.  He shares his love for painting by teaching at Meta 4 Gallery in Port Perry and at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden.

Watch Harvey as he makes an oil painting appear on canvas.

Demonstration: Oil Painting 12:00 pm Saturday

Paul & Beverley Williams∼ Metal, Stone and Leather

Paul and Beverley established Williams design and create their one-of-a-kind brass, copper and stainless steel fountains and garden art. They have won many awards for their sculptured leather since 1974 and their work toured Europe in 1982 as part of a Canadian Fine Crafts Exhibit. They have also designed and built many large wall sculptures for public and private spaces. Paul and Beverley specialize in designing and building unique pieces by commission for their clients.

Demonstration: Wet Forming Leather 10:00 am Sunday

Jennifer Wolfe ∼ Jewellery

“Inspired by jewellery from long ago I make wearable, sophisticated jewellery using the ancient techniques of Granulation, Mokume Gane and Lapidary.” Jennifer specializes in Granulation, Mokume Gane and is a Lapidary artist primarily using Argentium silver. She currently teaches Lapidary and Professional Practices for Jewellers part time at Georgian College’s Goldsmithing program.

Jennifer will be demonstrating the stages of stone cutting.

Demonstration: Stone cutting 11:30 pm Sunday

Gordon Reidt ∼ Stone Sculptor

Gordon uses a variety of tools to incorporate his inspiration from nature on many types of different stones available. . As a lover of nature since childhood, it is natural that it would be expressed in most of his work.  He is finding recently that his subject matter is evolving from all nature to some freeform shapes and abstract figures.  Gordon uses a variety of hand and power tools to release the subject from the stone.  His work has evolved from working with the softer soapstones, serpentines, pyrophyllites and alabasters to the harder stones such as granite, jade and marble where he is spending most of his current efforts. 

Demonstration: Stone sculpture at 4:00 pm Sunday

Site #21 is at 357 Lorne St. Port Perry

Jeremy Le Page ∼ Acrylic

Primarily painting in acrylic and oil, Jeremy Le Page has been a professional artist for over a decade. His subject matter consists of contemporary landscape scenes, portraits, and still life images, and his work hangs in private collections internationally. Jeremy’s art has been shown in many galleries and exhibits, including the Lake Scugog Studio Tour; Whetung Ojibway Centre; the Lindsay Gallery; and many others, including Native Focus, in Port Perry, which he owned and operated for eight years with his wife, Erin.

Jeremy will share his thoughts as he explains his use of a colour palette.

Demonstration: Colour palette 4:30 pm Saturday

Erin Le Page ∼ Printmaker

Erin Le Page is a visual artist whose primary focus is printmaking. A graduate of Fanshawe College’s fine art program, she was also the co-owner of Native Focus, a gallery in Port Perry, for almost eight years. Originally from Ottawa, Erin now resides in Port Perry with her husband and two children. She is excited to be creating art again after some time away from printmaking.

You too can try printmaking. Children are welcome to give it a whirl.

Give it a Whirl: Printmaking 11:30 am Sunday

Site #22 is at 65 Lakeview Drive, Port Perry

Kimberly Price ∼ Jeweller

After years of experimenting, my preferred combinations are those of vintage and antique pieces worked with semi precious beads, silver, beadwork and handwoven cords. I am very inspired by the art of other cultures and may string, for example, antique silver beads from the Turkoman of northern Afghanistan with Venetian beads traded into Africa in the late 19th century. Alternatively I could pair handpainted amulets from India with my own handwoven Japanese style cords. Occasionally I switch gears from the big beads and pull out my seed beads. Here I meticulously pick through my containers of these tiny orbs, and one by one, weave together bright, graphic, one of a kind wearable art. These pieces take their inspiration, in part, from Native North American and African beadworkers.

Watch as Kimberly demonstrates silver chain making and some beadwork.

Demonstration: 3:30 pm Sunday

Artists at Work – Come Out for Live Demonstrations at Sites #9 – #13

Site #9 is Lavender Blu at 2375 Bank Road, Seagrave

Ludmila Haynos-Owen ∼ Lavender

In 2011 Lavender-Blu joined the newly founded Ontario Lavender Association (OLA). In addition, Lavender-Blu is on “The Purple Road” – a travel and info guide which highlights a wide variety of lavender artisan businesses throughout Ontario.

Lavender-Blu is a three acre hobby farm on the shore of Lake Scugog. It is host to over 40 farm animals, a small orchard, a large vegetable garden and 800 plus lavender plants are now growing on their property. In cooperation with Hiveshare, Lavender-Blu has added four bee hives to their property from which they will be able to obtain their home-grown honey and beeswax.

Join Mila on a garden tour of lavender varieties.

Demonstration: Garden tour 12:30 pm Saturday


Site #10 is Valentia Community Hall, 106 Elm Tree Rd., Valentia

Libbie Burns ∼ Fibre

Libbie creates unique felt wall hangings, hats, scarves, bags, tunics, vests, felted goat’s milk soap, and little sheep.

For Libbie, felting is painting and sculpting with wool. It is artistic work according to traditional methods. Nature’s beauty is incorporated in her work in an abstract, intuitive manner. Connecting fibres and colours into wearable garments and accessories using wool, water, and soap provides endless challenges and discoveries.

Libby will show us how she lays fibres for the wet felt process.

Demonstration: 2:30 pm Saturday


Spring Reilly ∼Photography, Costume Design

Spring Reilly is an award winning Lifestyle Photographer based in Uxbridge, Ontario specializing in Weddings, Events, Portraits and Boudoir photography. In 2007, Spring began studying photography in South Texas preferring to photograph butterflies in their natural habitat. Upon returning to Durham Region, Uxbridge, Ontario she focused her talents on photographing people, pets and a broader range of nature subjects. She creates her own costumes and headpieces for personal work using natural and man-made materials.

Watch as Spring constructs a headpiece for a photo shoot.

Demonstration: 1:00 pm Sunday


Site #11 is at 110 Valentia Road, Valentia

Cathy Mark ∼ Metal

Cathy’s metalwork is a direct reflection of her surroundings- iconic windswept pines dance atop locally harvested burls and rocks.

Cathy will draw, cut and shape a metal piece on the anvil.

Demonstration: 3:30 pm Saturday



Site #12 is at 17751 Nestleton Road, Nestleton

Sandra Reiner ∼Potter, Painter

Sandra combines volume, texture and colour to represent a modern esthetic in functional and non-functional ceramic works.

Join the fun of playing with mark-making tools in raw clay tiles.

Give it a Whirl: Play with clay and mark-making tools at 3:00 pm Saturday





Site #13 is at 40 Spring Blvd., Scugog Island, Port Perry

Sandra MacPherson ∼ Watercolour, Acrylic

Sandra MacPherson has been working with watercolours since 1992.  Largely self-taught, she has studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design and in various workshops with professional artists.  Her portfolio of watercolour paintings includes landscapes, buildings, floral, still life, and figurative works.  In 2012, Sandra began to explore the possibilities of painting in acrylic.

Sandra is inspired in her painting by themes of community, history, and preservation.

Sandra welcomes visitors to try some watercolour techniques.

Give it a Whirl: Try watercolour painting at 11:00 am Saturday


Don Downer ∼Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Don’s enthusiasm for the outdoor world seems to be contagious and he delights in sharing his love of nature and photography with both children and adults alike. Don’s photographs of wildlife, reptiles, insects, and plant life are an excellent addition to the art collection of any nature enthusiast or lover of beauty.

Bring your camera and join Don on a nature walk.

Give it a Whirl: Photography nature walk 1:00 pm Sunday