Artist Update Form

 Please complete this form no later than December 22, 2017. Now imagine that you are the person organizing all of this information for the copy in our tour book, images on postcards, doing Facebook posts and so on – for 44 artists. This form feeds our Dropbox of photos and spreadsheets of data  so that we can copy and paste stuff – please be patient and fill it out as asked.

We’d like some important information and content from you to help us create a very exciting tour and to market our tour. We are promoting our tour and our work with these three major initiatives. 

  • An EXCITING prize package at each site
  • An ENGAGING demonstration and “give it a whirl” schedule
  • An ENTICING personalized postcard for every artist

Every artist is participating in the prize packages. So set an item aside with a value between $30 and $100. (or more) Find your photo of the item and rename it with: your first name, last name, title, and the word “prize”.  On my Mac, I use the photo program to add a “title” (myfirstname mylastname titleof work) and “description” and then when I  “export” that photo to another folder (for me it’s my LSST 2018 folder) it asks if I want to use the “title” to name the file. This makes it easy for those of us at the other end of this process to organize the hundreds of images we get. Those with work valued well above the $100 mark can create a gift certificate. Supplying an image helps us to promote your work! 

A studio tour is unique from galleries, art shows and shops in that we are showing off our studios and how we work. And the Lake Scugog Studio Tour is going to promote this uniqueness with advertised scheduled demonstrations. If you cannot find a way to demonstrate live, we ask that you set out work in progress and add images, signs or booklets about how you work. You are encouraged to demonstrate whenever you can all weekend, but we ask that you plan one specific time for a demonstration and we’ll list it in our Tour Book, in our newsletter and on social media. So find or take a photo of you at work or some work in progress and rename it with: first name, last name, and “at work”. Another option to consider here is dong something interactive where your visitors can “give it a whirl” and possibly even come away with a piece of art.

We are repeating our very popular personal postcard program. Every artist will get 250 postcards! So pick out a favourite image for us to use. 

Now fill out this form! There’s a “save the form in progress” button if you need it.