Artist Application

The form for our 2021 tour is now ready for artists to complete. WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO SUPPORT ARTISTS WHO PAID AND WERE PART OF OUR 2020 TOUR. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WERE NOT PART OF THE 2020 TOUR. We are NOT having a typical tour in 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns. Our “tour” will be web-based with updated pages for artists, newsletters and social posts. This form is for returning artists to complete so that we have up-to-date images and stories. Deadline for entry is 5 pm, Friday February 12, 2021. Please view the form and read all instructions to have your files prepared before starting to complete your form. 

The mission of the Lake Scugog Studio Tour (LSST) is to provide discerning, curious, original-art lovers with an engaging art experience and an opportunity to purchase original, high-quality artwork.
For 2021, only artists who were registered for the 2020 tour will be accepted. This allows us to regroup under the current health situation.   Returning artists must still complete our electronic application as your registration form provides us with new images and stories.

Benefits of Joining the Lake Scugog Studio Tour (in a typical year LOL!)

  • Promotion of your work and exhibition site in a full colour tour booklet that patrons can use year-round.
  • Representation on the LSST website, social media sites and e-newsletters.
  • Meeting, networking and working with a welcoming and supportive group of experienced artists.
  • Feedback about your art from visitors.
  • Bank fees aside, the pool of application fees goes entirely to marketing the tour with a wide variety of media including our website, paid ads on social media, radio, arts & culture publications, signs, banners, posters, postcards and our tour book. We promote artists of the tour all year long. Each artist gets their own web page and numerous social media posts.
  • Lake Scugog Studio Tour is a committee of the charitable organization, Scugog Council for the Arts. As such we are members of the Port Perry BIA and Scugog Chamber of Commerce, and benefit from those supporting relationships. We also benefit by being part of the creative hub of the Scugog Arts Space on Queen Street in Port Perry. As a charity we are eligible for support by granting organizations.
  • A well-organized tour with 20 years of experience.

Terms of Joining the Lake Scugog Studio Tour (does not apply in 2021).

  • For 2021 Artists must have paid for and been part of our 2020 Tour. This is just for this coming year.
  • Site Artists must have a studio or reside in the proximity of Lake Scugog, with Port Perry being the hub of the tour.
  • Ideally (but not necessarily), Site Artists are able to host one Guest Artist and have a working studio.
  • Site Artists may recommend a Guest Artist for their own site. Final assignment will be at the discretion of the Jury sub-Committee. In a typical year, if you are a new site artist to our tour, please do not assume that you can invite another artist to be your guest. This is a juried tour and every artist new to the tour MUST be juried. This year we are not accepting any new artists.
  • Guest Artists from any location may apply (for 2021 you must have been on the 2020 list).
  • All artists, site artists and guest artists, must be in attendance and available to visitors for all hours of the tour. The exception will be the exclusive ticketed Friday event, where a guest artist may not wish to participate and therefore not be in attendance.
  • Set up must be done prior to tour opening on the Friday at 10am for private tour sites, Saturday at 10 am for all other sites, and all art must remain up until the end of the tour Sunday at 5 pm.
  • Since this is an artist-run tour, artists must be willing to assist with committee tasks in preparation for the tour.
  • Work submitted in the application form must be consistent with the finished work that will be shown in the tour.
  • Application form to be submitted electronically by January 22, 2021.
  • Site and Guest Artists pay $250 admission fee. Our fee went up this year after a review of fees by other tours and our desire to create a great “tour” book that will used all year long with no ads (saving us from having to book advertisers – a job no one likes!) We will thank the businesses that have supported us over the years at no cost to them.
  • Fee payable at time of application. We accept on-line credit card payment, e-transfer and cheques sent by snail mail. E-transfers are to Cheques are payable to Scugog Council for the Arts, P.O. Box 233, Port Perry, ON, L9L 1A3
  • There are no refunds for any artist who backs out of the tour for any reason whatsoever.

Getting Prepared to Fill Out Our On-Line Form

  • Write a 25-word artist statement in 1st person singular (written as you talking about yourself) for use on your page on our website and in our tour booklet.
  • Provide a 300-word story written in 1st person, also for use on your webpage and for use in social media. Tell people about your work, your inspirations, your history and your process. Tell us what effect COVID had on your work. The story is not required, however we highly recommend that you go to this effort! Search engines love long stories with great content. And we can work magic on social media with these. Please think up a short phrase that you think an art lover might use when doing an on-line search for work like yours.
  • Take great photos of your work! We are using them in our promotion of the tour. High-resolution jpegs are the only format we accept. Take clear well-focused and lit photos.
  • We highly recommend that you do not include images that include advertising copy, price tickets, digital framing or effects, date stamps or anything that will take away from the work itself. Avoid cluttered backgrounds. Although an image or two photographed in an interesting setting may look good on your website and on ours, they look terrible in our tour book or as the main image for your work on our website. Make sure that the image you supply for the tour book is clean, simple, well-lit and in focus.
  • Plan to upload 4-6 images.
  • Have ready information about each image; the title, medium, size, selling price.
  • Prepare your images in high-resolution jpeg format and title them before you upload them with the following format; ArtistFirstName, ArtistLastName, #1-#7 for use on website and social.  If you do not know how to save specific images with specific titles as required please use Google for directions. If you do not know how to check the resolution and size of your images (we need 300dpi, 650×1000 pixels minimum, 5MB maximum) please use Google for directions. ALLOW TIME FOR IMAGES TO UPLOAD BEFORE HITTING SEND.
  • You can save your entry as you go and come back to it at any time. The save button is at the very bottom of the form, so slide down there to save if you are mid-way through your form and need to exit. Hit SEND only once. BE PATIENT WHEN YOU HIT SAVE OR SEND – ALLOW YOUR SERVER TIME TO UPLOAD BEFORE CLOSING THE PROGRAM OR EXITING YOU INTERNET PLATFORM. You will get a confirmation email of your entry. Wait a day. Check your spam folder. If you don’t get a confirmation email then you did not hit send or you did not fill in required fields or you closed the program before the images were uploaded! Be patient.

Accepted Artists be Prepared to (does not apply for 2021):

  • Prebook appointments with visitors. Drop ins will only be allowed if there is room when they arrive. Artists must maintain contact sheets.
  • We will provide current health protocols and signs for your doors prior to tour weekend.
  • Demonstrate and/or discuss your work during the tour.
  • Display and merchandise your work.
  • We are not likely to be able to serve refreshments in 2021.
  • Provide a display sample of artwork for promotional purposes in Queen Street storefronts in April and over the tour weekend, if this is possible with the health guidelines in place in April.

Approximate boundaries for the LSST Site Artists


Artist Entry Form 2021 Tour

Form for all content from artists and for payment tranaction.
  • Artist Commitment & Content for 2021 "Tour"

    DO NOT ENTER IF YOU WERE NOT PART OF THE 2020 GROUP. The deadline for completing this form is Friday Feb 12, 2021.
  • Basic Information

  • Artist Content

    We suggest that you create a Word Doc or Pages Doc with all of your written content for artist statement and story, before you complete this form, and then copy and paste the content below when you are all organized.
  • Submit about 25 words to be included in print media, tour book and short posts.
  • We'd like a long story of at least 300 words. Please identify one key phrase that you think someone might use when searching for work like yours on the internet.
  • Upload one high quality image of a new work for us to use as a feature for marketing. Digital images must be minimum 300 dpi, 650 x 1000 pixels per inch, and a maximum image size of 5MB. BEFORE UPLOADING - rename/resave/export to another file folder your image with ArtistFirstName-ArtistLastName-#1
    Accepted file types: jpg, , Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • File Name of image (as perabove)Title of workMediumSize/dimentionsPrice
  • Upload 3-5 more images of recent work. BEFORE UPLOADING - rename/resave/export to another file folder your image with ArtistFirstName-ArtistLastName-#2 and so on.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, , Max. file size: 64 MB.
    • File Name of image (as above)TitleMediumSize/DimentionsPrice