Artist Application

The application for our 2020 tour is now open for entries. Our tour dates are Saturday May 2 and Sunday May 3, 2020. Deadline for entry is 5 pm, Sunday September 15, 2019. Please read all instructions and have your files prepared before starting your application. 

The mission of the Lake Scugog Studio Tour (LSST) is to provide discerning, curious, original-art lovers with an engaging art experience and an opportunity to purchase original, high-quality artwork.
The Lake Scugog Studio Tour has had exceptional tours for the past 20 years, with a range and diversity of experienced artists and artisans. In 2017 we introduced our “emerging artist” category for artists who have had limited showing and selling experience, and we will continue with this category for 2020. We are on the lookout for additional studio sites and welcome returning and new artists! Engaging and eclectic is what we are all about.   Returning artists must still complete our electronic application as your registration form to provide us with new images, copy and fees. If you are applying as a new artist to our tour and think we should visit your site and studio we would be happy to visit you up until late-August. Please call Marion Meyers to arrange (905) 985-1335.

Benefits of Joining the Lake Scugog Studio Tour.

  • Promotion of your work and exhibition site in a full colour tour booklet.
  • Representation on the LSST website, social media sites and e-newsletters.
  • Meeting, networking and working with a welcoming and supportive group of experienced artists.
  • Feedback about your art from visitors.
  • Bank fees aside, the pool of application fees goes entirely to marketing the tour with a wide variety of media including our website, paid ads on social media, radio, arts & culture publications, signs, banners, posters, postcards and our tour book. We also hold memberships with Scugog Council for the Arts and Scugog Chamber of Commerce, and benefit from those supporting relationships.
  • Other exhibition opportunities within the community and beyond. We will hold a group exhibition in November of 2019 at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery.
  • A well-organized tour with 20 years of experience.

Terms of Joining the Lake Scugog Studio Tour.

  • Provide an art piece or gift certificate valued between $50 – $150 for our site prizes
  • Site Artists must have a studio or reside in the proximity of Lake Scugog, with Port Perry being the hub of the tour.
  • Ideally (but not necessarily), Site Artists are able to host one or more Guest Artists and have a working studio.
  • Site Artists may recommend Guest Artists for their own site. Final assignment will be at discretion of the Jurying Committee. If you are a new site artist to our tour, please do not assume that you can invite another artist to be your guest. This is a juried tour and every artist new to the tour MUST be juried.
  • Guest Artists from any location may apply.
  • Emerging Artists: for the purpose of our tour we define Emerging Artists as those who have never shown work at a juried studio tour, are not represented at a gallery or done a major exhibition. If you are starting out exhibiting and have had individual pieces accepted into juried shows you can be considered an Emerging Artist. Site artists are never considered as Emerging Artists.
  • All artists, site artists and guest artists, must be in attendance and available to visitors for all hours of the tour.
  • Set up must be done prior to tour opening on the Saturday at 10 am and all art must remain up until the end of the tour Sunday at 4 pm.
  • Since this is an artist-run tour, artists must be willing to assist with committee tasks in preparation for the tour.
  • Work submitted in the application form must be consistent with the finished work that will be shown in the tour.
  • Application form to be submitted electronically by September 15, 2019.
  • Site and Guest Artists pay $175 admission fee, Emerging Artists pay $75 admission fee.
  • Fee payable at time of application. We accept on-line credit card payment, e-transfer and cheques sent by snail mail.
  • There are no refunds for any artist who backs out of the tour for any reason whatsoever after acceptance emails have gone out.

Getting Prepared to Fill Out Our On-Line Form

  • Write a 25-word artist statement in 1st person singular (written as you talking about yourself) for use on your page on our website and in our tour booklet.
  • Provide a biography written in 3rd person (written as someone talking about you), also for use on your webpage and for use in social media. This information is important to our jury!
  • Take great photos of your work! We are jurying them and using them in our promotion of the tour. High-resolution jpegs are the only format we accept.
  • We highly recommend that you do not include images that include advertising copy, digital framing or effects, date stamps or anything that will take away from the work itself. Avoid cluttered backgrounds. Although an image or two photographed in an interesting setting may look good on your website and on ours, they look terrible in our tour book or as the main image for your work on our website. Make sure that the image you supply for the tour book is clean, simple, well-lit and in focus.
  • Plan to upload 4-7 images, and plan which image you want in our tour book to represent you (this will #1). Plan to include an image of the piece you will provide as a prize.
  • Have ready information about each image; the title, medium, size, year produced, selling price.
  • Prepare your images in high-resolution jpeg format and title them before you upload them with the following format; ArtistFirstName, ArtistLastName, #1 (for tour book) #2-#7 (for use on website and social, siteprize (obviously for the site prize) If you do not know how to save specific images with specific titles as required please use Google for directions. If you do not know how to check the resolution and size of your images (we need 300dpi, 650×1000 pixels minimum, 5MB maximum) please use Google for directions. ALLOW TIME FOR IMAGES TO UPLOAD BEFORE HITTING SEND.
  • We will process refunds to anyone not accepted onto the tour after the jurying process. Our cost to administer payment and a refund is $25, therefore that amount will be deducted from your refund.
  • You can save your entry as you go and come back to it at any time. The save button is at the very bottom of the form, so slide down there to save if you are mid-way through your form and need to exit. Hit SEND only once. BE PATIENT WHEN YOU HIT SAVE OR SEND – ALLOW YOUR SERVER TIME TO UPLOAD BEFORE CLOSING THE PROGRAM OR EXITING YOU INTERNET PLATFORM. You will get a confirmation email of your entry. Wait a day. Check your spam folder. If you don’t get a confirmation email then you did not hit send or you did not fill in required fields or you closed the program before the images were uploaded! Be patient.

Accepted Artists be Prepared to:

  • Demonstrate and discuss your work during the tour. You may also want to set up a way for visitors to try out your techniques or even run a “make and take”. This is optional this year, however those who participate can expect us to market this feature.
  • Give away an art piece valued between $50 – $150 or more, or a gift certificate if your work is all of a higher value, for our site prize package at each site.
  • Display and merchandise your work.
  • Site artists may want to check off if their site is wheelchair accessible, has washrooms for visitors, has a picnic or patio table available for visitors, and/or is serving refreshments. We will be creating a visual key for these items for our tour book and website. We may also do some social posting or newsletters about these features. Demonstrations will also be part of this visual key.
  • Participate in a group exhibition at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery in November of 2019. This will include an opening reception, advertising and media coverage by the Scugog Council for the Arts. Intake day is Wednesday Oct 30, 2019, opening reception is Saturday Nov 2, 1-3 pm, exhibition closes 4pm, Saturday November 23 and artists must pick up work on Tuesday November 26. As the gallery is staffed at all times, smaller items such as jewellery are welcome. Artists must supply display stands for jewellery. There are plenty of plinths for sculptures, glass or wood. Details will follow.
  • Provide a display sample of artwork for promotional purposes in Queen Street storefronts in April and over the tour weekend.

Approximate boundaries for the LSST Site Artists